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Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Balance Real Run

Finally the first competitive run for this year. Haven't fully recover from flu. And why the hell they have to start so late! At 8.45 the sun is already blazing hot. Still feel pretty confident. First target for this year - to run below 51 mins. During the previous practice run, have come close - 52 +.

Reach the start point and see the crowd - shit have to get in front otherwise will be stuck behind among the mass. BC said he will pace me and he thinks I can touch 48 m.

Alamak, they start the junior 5.5k off at 8.30. Then it's our turn at 8.45. From where I am, took 39 secs to cross the start line and another 2.53 mins to reach the first 500m. Not a good start. BC is urging me to go faster but how can with so many people in front. He's good. For someone who is nearly 10 years older, he runs like a gazelle.

First km - 5.54 mins not too good - at this rate will not be able to hit 51 mins. Got to speed up. The next 4 km was much better - average about 4.6 min. Hit the beach. Shit, they cordon off the running path - right at the edge of the beach. The sand is so soft today unlike the previous runs. Guess too many people trampling over it has loosen all the sands. And it's hot. Took 6.29 min just to run this 1 km stretch of the beach. The next beach was no better. Another 6.56 mins to run the next 1 km stretch. Too hot. Feel like giving up and walk. Push myself on.

The home stretch. Another 3 km to go. Have a drink and start dashing. Legs crying out for relief. Slow down a bit. 5.26 mins each for the next 2 km. Already 49 mins on the watch. No way to run the last 1 k in 2 mins. Still must try. Body, mind and soul all screaming for me to stop. 5.29 min and finish at last. The time on the finish line shows 51 something I think, my watch shows 55.07 mins.

Couldn't be bothered. My body is screaming for relief. Gulp down a cup of 100 plus. BC is already there. Went to one corner to rest - very very exhausted. Never felt like this before. Don't know why? - Is it the heat or the effect of the medication I took this morning? And then the bile all came out - dash to one corner and started throwing up. Yuck. Couldn't even walk well. Luckily BC was there. Gave me more water. Made sure I was steady.

What went wrong? 55 mins for a 10 k is something that I routinely hit in practice run. Next week Mizuno Wave Run - try's again for the 51 min.

Never ever give up!


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  2. Thank you for the invitation. I hope you don't mind if I put up a link to your blog on mine.