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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Run for What?

My mother asked me: "Why are you running so much? You are already so skinny!" My running buddy told me: "You are not clocking enough mileage. If you want to do well in the marathon, you need to clock at least 90 Km a week!" The Mrs said "Why do you keep going running and leave us at home? You kill yourself one day running for so long!"

Indeed, why do I keep on running. Since picking it up last year, I have progressed from running twice a week to thrice a week running at least 8 - 10 km on weekdays and 15 - 20 km on weekends. And for what?

To lose weight? I have lost enough already. From 86 to 75kg in the space of 1 year.
To keep fit? I am now fitter than I ever was - even fitter than my full time NS days.
To compete in competitive runs? - No way, not in a hundred years can I hope to win anything especially at my age.

So should I slow down the pace a bit or should I continue or even increase the mileage to make sure I can finish comfortably in the marathon?

Yesterday, I ran almost 2k to Tampines stadium. From there, I ran a 2.4km and clock 10.44min. Not a great time by other's standard but for me it was unbelievable. The last time I had this type of timing was during the NS days. Now nearly 25 years later, I have did it again. It was fabulous. Somehow, words cannot describe the joy I have at the big improvement and the knowledge that I am getting there - reaching targets that I had set when I decided many months ago that all this running was going nowhere and I need to set personal best targets - 2.4k under 10m, 5 k under 25, 10k under 47, 21k 1.50, and the full 4hours by the end of the year.

So I suppose I run not to get fit, lose weight or win prizes - but just for the satisfaction of achievement PB. Is that wrong?

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