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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tampines SAFRA

Went Tampines Safra for a swim last evening. Wanted to time myself for the 800m. Finished the 16 laps breaststroke in 23.15. Is that good or bad? Wrapped up with 4 laps of freestyle. After third lap, this guy came up to me and asked me why I never see where I going and he had to dodge me several times? Huh? He old man see him for what? I only got eyes for young ladies in bikini and sadly those were missing last evening:) Anyway, he gave me some tips on how to swim straight so as not to waste strenght. Thank you whoever you are:)

Now can anyone tell me why they have half door in the showers there? Last time public swimming pool shower got no door, I suppose this is an improvement - half door just like China. Scare people go inside do hanky panky?

Went to the front desk to make some enquiries about the AHM. The lady there was busy calculating something - thought I wait for her to finish before disturbing her. When she finished, she didn't even look up and simply turn and walked away. Wei - I invisible or she blind? I had to call her back. Felt like telling her off. The services there certainly haven't change since the last time I was there:(

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