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Monday, November 27, 2006


Had a pretty slacked week.

Monday - Chest + lower body workout at home
Tuesday - Lower body workout in gym + stationery bike 30 mins + biceps workout at home
Wednesday - Swim 26 laps (app. 1km) + physio at CGH SMC + triceps workout at home
Thursday - Zit. Picked up Mrs no time to workout
Friday - Zero. Went SCSM collection. No time to workout
Saturday - Rained out. Managed to do back + lower body workout
Sunday - Finally, stationery bike 30 mins, EFX trainer 30 minutes + lower body workout + shoulder

Been getting lazier. Not much motivation to push hard. Have started gaining weight. Still not too bad though - 1 kg in 3 months. Stamina have dropped considerably but trying to gain back, got do speedwork:- 2 short runs this week - once when caught in the rain and had to run 100 metres to the hospital and another time chase after the bus on the way to Suntec. Sprint 20 metres. Yeah big deal:)

Only workout I do on a very regular basis is the mouth & stomach - ha ha ha!

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