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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

National Heart Walk

Went for the National Heart Walk organised by the Singapore Heart Foundation on Saturday morning. Only reason we were going cos Alvin's school was supporting the event. Family invited as well. Anything to get him away from the comp!

After a damn long delay; VIP late, dance performance, still got warm up from Amore the walk was finally flagged off. It was just a short walk round Marina City Park - distance of 3km. Everybody seems to be taking short cut. For such a short route, why? Might as well don't attend like that! Anyway, took 30mins to complete the walk.

On the way back, saw the flag off for the competitive walkers and Brokie was among them. She looked so determined and was geleking very well. To prepare for this, she got Sebas to gave her some tips on brisk walking and apparently has been training hard. The training paid off cos she came in among the top 3 and walked away with a whole lot of Omron products. Way to go Brokie! Also saw her sister - Lehlio girl and when I asked her why she was so far behind and not in front with her sister - her reply - "she siao on". But look who has the last laugh now!

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