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Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Weekend of Runs

For the second time in as many weeks, went running at Mt Faber again.
Than on Sunday, join the sgrunners for the Eastside run breaking my own cardinal rule of not running on 2 continuous days.

Firstly - the Mt Faber run. This was decided to let those who wish to test out the slopes before signing up for the Mizuno Mt Faber Run. 8 persons came including M's ex-colleague, Lily and Alicia. Also making a guest appearance was SV. We started at Safra and went up via Henderson Rd - Morse Rd - Pender Rd - Mt Faber Loop -down via Kampong Bahru - Lower Delta Rd - Telok Blangah Way - a distance of app. 5km.

Lily who was running for the 2nd time this year faltered at the start of Pender Rd and started walking. SV stayed with her initially before he moved off. She complained of chest pain alarming me like hell. Told her to walk while I dashed off to join the rest but stayed back at every junction to make sure she didn't loose her way. Eventually, she completed the run/walk in about 58 mins.

Alicia, forced by the Mrs to come did very well considering that she has hardly run this year. She only started to walk on the way down somewhere just outside the condo. I'm so proud of her!

The rest took about 45 mins to finish and except for Bambi who was looking rather pale and feeling a bit giddy, seems quite game to sign on for the race.

This morning, met up with the sgrunners for a run to Bedok Reservoir. The route is the same as the previous run. Led by the boss, TLR, we went at about 7mins pace. There was a l0 mins toilet break at the reservoir and in the tradition of sgrunners, a photo taking session at the top of the slope. Didn't join them back to Kembagan, instead ran back to Simei with Avin who ran back to Pasir Ris. Thanks for the company guys!

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