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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Inter Con Run 2007

Kena cheo to run the inter con run on 1 Sep. Last time round still recuperating from the surgery. This time look like got no choice. Gary can't seem to be able to find enough young male runner to form a proper team. M also got dragged in. Still short of 1 female runner. Anybody from Simei want to apply?

Gary came in 3rd in the Saucony Run and 8th in last week Mizuno run Veteran category but even than with him on our side, our team stand no chance. The youngster are simply too fast - they can finish the 5.6km in like 19 minutes whilst the majority of us are in the wrong end of the Open category and will be lucky if we can touch 25 minutes.

Hopefully, the start of the race will not be like the Mizuno with the bottleneck at the exit of Temasek Poly.


  1. does it have 2 b a simei resident?

  2. You have to be a resident of the a particular constituency to represent it. If you are interested in taking part and not a resident of Simei, you can go to your CC and check whether they are sending a team and join them.