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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Politics and Sports

There has been a crazy amount of protest in connection with China hosting of the Olympics Games. Sports and politics should never be mixed together.

Granted that China has a dismal human rights record. But trying to link the 2 together is not going to move China or change anything. Interrupting the torch relay, possibly events at the games is only going to strengthen China's resolve to cramp down hard on what they see as their dissidents marshallings world support against the Chinese government. Making them lose face in front of the world is definitely a no-no and never going to work.

Instead, people who are against the Chinese government should work together with the Chinese government to make the Games a success. And when there is international acclaim, then perhaps the Chinese government will be willing to take a second look at the side issues so as to further enhance their reputation and face.


  1. Well said. I think the concept of "saving face" may not yet be commonly understood in the west. How much more would be accomplished if there was better understanding across borders...

  2. Yah and still don't understand what those people interrupting the torch relay hope to achieve by their actions.