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Saturday, May 31, 2008

1st try - Nike+ Sportband

Had decided last evening to forgo run this morning as I have a long day ahead and needed all my rest. Weather was good this morning perfect for sleeping in. But somehow still woke up at 8am (relatively early by my standard) for a non running/working day. Could hear a voice beckoning to me seductively...come wake up and take me... no it's not what you think:)

It's my brand new Nike+ sportband beckoning to me from it box. Yes I finally managed to get hold of the new Nike+ sportband even though I had said I will wait for the next generation but an opportunity came which was too good to resist!

First thing first - to insert the sensor into the SwitchEasy's Runaway casing. Yes I still haven't got any Nike+ enabled shoes. Actually I haven't got any Nike shoe. Spend 5 minutes figuring how to open the darn casing before realising that I need a screwdriver to prise it open. Sigh.. why do they make it so difficult. Time: 8:35am. Fitting in the sensor was straightforward, but getting the cap to close back securely was giving me finger ache. No matter how I press, it couldn't close. Wish I have that Nike shoe. After another 5 minutes of fiddling, blur me finally realised there was a piece of paper in the top cap causing the problem. Hah.. finally close it. Now to attach it to the shoes. Most of my shoes are fitted with lock laces and the Runaway looked loosed hooked on to it. Should it face up or down? Will it drop off? Darned I really need a Nike+ shoe. hint hint:)

8:50am. Finally ready to start my run. Took the lift down. Weather looking good. Can't wait. Peel off the sticker on the sportband. Press the button for 3 seconds. Er how come no display? Press again. Holy shit.. urgggg no battery! Silly me. I have presumed it came partially charged. The Mrs laughed and laughed. She's going to buy breakfast. Me... gave up abort run and join her.

Lesson to learn: Always read the instructions first before trying anything new

So now I am charging the sportband and wondering which Nike+ shoe should I get. Any recommendations anyone?

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