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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's not the End yet

Since the AHM, has gone for 4 more runs:

Tue – 5km easy run with the Fatbird team at the I-run
Thu – 7km easy hill run with the RL people at Fort Canning
Sat – 12km easy trail run with some sgrunners to/from Bedok Reservoir to Tampines
Sun – 26km lsd run with M at East Coast Park

So far so good. The knee seemed to have rectified itself. No more sharp acute pain. No more locking. No more swelling.

Will continue to use a knee guard for the time being just to play safe. But then, some school of thought is that knee guard serves no purpose. More psychological (is this correct term?) than useful? But I think it does help in event of fall, etc to protect the knee and not so much to prevent injury whilst running.

So it’s not the end after all!


  1. congrats but do take care since recovery is not easy :) The tampines trail how to get there? Got dangerous bikers?

  2. Hi Wei Sian,
    The Tampines MBT trail is along Tampines Ave 9 just opposite Sun Plaza Park. It's pretty deserted most of the time.