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Monday, March 09, 2009

Kiasu, kiasee and kiamseap

I have this morbid thinking that one day I will just drop dead during a run be it from a heart attack or an accident.

So I am kiasu. I wear bright clothing during night run. Not for me the cool look of the black knight. Most time, I am in my fav colour or white and probably the only people on the roads who can't see me are blind people. But that's not to say that accidents won't happen and I have this fear of being found lying on the road and brought to the hospital and the nurses checking me out and yeeeh, no underwear or worse... torn underwear! So I make sure everything I wear are in order and with holes only in the right places:)

Now I am certainly not kiasee. Cos death comes to everybody as sure as day turns to night. But not being afraid of dying doesn't mean I want to end up there anytime soon so I make sure I stay healthy and reduces the odd. But if the grim reaper calls or for some reasons, moi end up in hospital, I do not want to be a John Doe. Also I don't want the family to be unnecessary worried rushing from one hospital to another to trace me down.

So for longer runs and runs when I run alone, I make sure I carry some sort of id. It is too troublesome to carry a wallet, or the I/C or driving licence. Most of the running shorts do not have big enough pockets to carry to much things and me being the typical kiamseap, I have this":-Info on tag delibrately blurred out for this post

Yeah a self made id tag, that cost 10 times less than the stylomilo Road Band or the swee IDband.

Basically, a key chain tag (packet of 5 available from most bookshops at less than $2) it can be written on both side. So I have my personal particulars on one side and the ICE contacts on the reverse. Just attach it to the shoe with a cable tie and tadah,, I ready to go.So how does it perform? This self made tag? So far so good. Written with a permanent marker, it is splash proof and even stands out well in rain unless I run through a flood. But even if it gets wet, replacing the piece of paper is just a matter of removing the damp piece of paper and writing a new piece and putting it back. So what's the bad thing about it? It's dammn uncool!


  1. Hi Tekko

    I had a good laugh at what you said about wearing undies with holes, or even worse, no undies!!?? So better wear nice undies.

    About that ID thingy, I also have that exact same thing as you, except that I keep mine in my shorts pocket. Putting it on your shoe is a good idea too but some people say that in an accident, the shoes may fly off, that's why I have mine in my pocket. Hmm..but dont' know if the paramedics can find it or not. Ya lah, damn uncool. I should probably go to RL and look up the ID band...... :-)

  2. If I fully agree with you idea does that mean I am also kiamsiap? haha. The high class one too exp. What if you or the mrs change info... chialat.. have to buy again but you method can change anytime. You should patent it. cheers