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Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Races

Ha ha out of the blue I suddenly have 2 races coming up the next weekend and all on the same day.

Next Sunday morning will be the inaugural Yellow Ribbon Run, a competitive run organised by the Prison Service to support the Yellow Ribbon project. Collected the race pack today which comprises the number tag with champion chip and 1 running vest and also donated some money for some items which some guys there were collecting on behalf of the Yellow Ribbon project I supposed?

In the evening next Sunday will be a charity run, Run Singapore in aid of the President Challenge. For this, managed to get free entry which is why I am going in the first place. Collected the race pack on Friday which comprises 1 shopping bag, a t-shirt, 2 water bottles and a luggage tag or something like that.

Just going to enjoy myself at both these runs. Not going to aim for a good time but just have fun.

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