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Thursday, August 13, 2009


In another 3 days time, it will be the annual Army Half Marathon now renamed Singapore Bay Run. This is the 2nd biggest running event in the Singapore Runnng Calendar and I have a very soft spot for it despite its poor goodie bag and the crowd.

Way back in 2004, it was my first race. Having started running only in March that year, I was very much a newbie when I signed up for it. Back then, I knew nothing about training methods; fartlek sounds like something escaping from down under and gel was something you apply on the hair and not ingest. I had no branded singlet or shorts. For my very first race, I worn a FBT split short and a 1 size too small Hatyai Nature Run singlet given to me by my good friend and mentor Uncle Sebas and I just went and run. I finished in a time of 2:02:38. It was only when Uncle Sebas told me it was a very good time for a 42 years old newbie uncle but I should have run faster a bit to do a sub-2 that I learnt that there was such a thing as good timing and pace and a sub-2 was better than a 2:01 or 2:02.

From that point on, my innocence was lost[sob] and I no longer run for the fun of running. Every run was a training for some upcoming races. For every race I set myself a target time and since then for the AHM, I am proud that I have never ran past the 2hours mark again despite being older, lazier as the year goes by and perpetually carrying an injury or another.

This year I have set an even loftier standard - to do a sub 1:50 but as things stand now, I will not be at the starting line come 16 Aug 2009. You see, I have chickened out. With the shin only partially okay and grossly insufficient mileage, I know even though I can definitely complete the 21km, I will not be able to do even a sub 2 not to say sub 1:50. So rather than lose my records, I have decided to do a DNS (see after so many years, I can now speak the runners lingo).

But to everybody else who is doing it - enjoy yourself. Smile when you see me. I be rooting for all of you!

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