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Friday, August 07, 2009

Still No Good

From 15/9/09 till 28/6/09 (2 weeks) ran 38.1km
From 29/6/09 to 19/7/09 (3) did 25.5km
20/7/09 until 5/8/09 (2.5) another 22.9km

So in total ran 86.5km over 2 months or to be exact 53 days which makes it an average of 34.6km per month or 1.6km per day which means not enough mileage!

Since the pain level for the shin is down to level 1, the PF is also 1 and the ball of the foot problem almost non-existent decided to do an easy run last night just to see how the legs would hold up. Altogether, did just 7km or so in close to 45 mins.

And of course the &#^)__^#* pain came back strongly this morning. The pain level for both shin and the PF shot back up to level 3. There goes my hope of doing the AHM. At this rate, I think I need to sit out the running until end of the year.

Anyway, finally decided to listen to my own advice and made an appt to see the friendly people from across the road. But haha the appt is on 21st which means .... why not just go and piah the AHM on 16th and see the doc thereafter. After all.... hmmmm should I or shouldn't I?

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