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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Something Weird

Since Tuesday, been experiencing something weird when I run. It wasn't so noticeable on Tuesday. I attributed it to the higher intensive workout that I was doing. I thought it was fatigue and didn't think too much.

Then on Thursday evening, had barely ran 50 metres when the right knee suddenly locked up! It was a strange feeling. I had to resort to running with a limp for a few steps before it unfreezed. But it came back every few steps so much so that in the end after 2 km, I gave up the run and headed back. The weird thing is there was no pain and an examination of the knee later shown no swelling or anything abnormal.

So I approached Saturday's morning with some apprehension. This time the jamming of the knee came much later, almost 2 km later and it became more pronounced whenever there was a change of terrain especially going upslope. Maybe it was strain left over from last week's F1 Nature run?

This evening run was better. The attack came only when I reached the Upp Pierce gate forcing me to a sudden stop. Thereafter, it only came back on the return leg and I had to literally limp up the various slopes.

A search on the net do not reveal anything so what the heck is it?

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