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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

T-Max Pain and Itch Relieving Cream

I generally do not use muscle rub especially the heat type being allergic to either the camphor or the menthol that is commonly found in them. So when I was given a sponsorship of T-Max (along with some other products) from Lynk Biotech, I was a bit apprehensive on how I was going to use them. Nevertheless, one should not look a gift horse in the mouth so bo piah, die die must try.

At the sponsorship presentation, a fellow runner shared how she used T-Max. She was a participant in an earlier trial. After her long runs, and just before going to bed, she would apply the T-Max on all the areas that was aching and when she wakes up the next morning, all the aches will be gone! To make it more effective, she said she even wrapped her blanket tightly around her leg to seal in the heat from the T-Max. Another person shared that she applies it to her arm and shoulder before swimming and it helps to reduce the ache.

According to Dr Lee Chee Wee, CEO of Lynk Biotech, the manufacturer of the T-Max, not only can T-Max be used as a muscle rub to relieve pain and itch, but it can also be used to treat knee pain as it contains anti-inflammation agents! Surely, good news for all those runners with runner's knee.

Well, they said the proof of the pudding is in the eating so .. fortunately, since my 2 calves have been aching for the past week and after the morning run, decided it was timely for me to try it out. So at around 1pm in the afternoon, I applied a generous portion of it on my right calf but merely rub the leftover on my palm onto the left calf. Boy, this thing really burns! But good thing is that there is no lingering medicated smell unlike most of the other heat rub. And then I was out for the whole afternoon and surprise surprise at around 8pm, I realised that there was no ache in my right calf! The left calf (or what I called the control leg) however continues to ache. So the T-Max works?

To be sure, just before bed, I applied the T-Max to the left calf. Will I wake up in the morning to find the ache gone? Alas, no such luck. Still, another application in the day and by evening, the ache was gone. Now whether this was a co-incidence or not, I can't really tell but I like this product compared to say the Tiger rub or the Metholatum Deep Heat Rub which has such strong smell. And best of all, I did not get any rash reaction to it!

For more information on the T-Max, refer here.

1 comment:

  1. Keke... the stuff works darn well.
    I got the chance to test it 2 years ago.
    Used it for my back pain.
    It burns so well, u can forget abt the back pain. =D
    I brought it along during Sundown last year but din find the need to use it. =)