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Monday, August 16, 2010

2 Special Runs

Haven’t run home from office for a long time. Since October 2007 to be exact. So decided to repeat the run and managed to drag M and a friend along to keep me company. It is true that time and tide waits for no man. The last time I went this route, I took 2 hours 17 minutes to complete the run all the way home to Simei. This time round and based on what I think was a reasonable effort, I took 2 hours 14 mins to reach Bedok Corner (2 km short). Seriously, time to hang up the running shoes perhaps?

Not so distant back but still the last time we had an Eastside run was early this year and not counting the special one in February for the Fatbirds. On Sunday, we had the official 2nd and probably last Eastside Run for this year. Perhaps because it was organized by the popular Broken Runner and not the 2 old uncles, more people came including those from the West and North East and there was even an official photographer!
Happily, it took me just slightly over 2 hours to complete the 18km or so distance. So maybe not that slow after all eh?

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