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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CBD Run finally

CBD run. The last time I joined the gang at Tanjong Pagar was way back in December 2008. Has it really been that long ago? Anyway, just for this week only, and because a time slot came up and before the gate closes again, was able to join the run up to Mt Faber. Hopefully this will not be the last one for this year although most likely I reckon it will be the one and only. M of course came along to ‘protect’ me from the ‘elements’. Ha ha ha!

The crowd had grown. There were many new faces and fast runners. As usual, we (meaning M, me, myself and I) ran at a nice jogging pace at the back. Didn’t want to exert too much energy. Got a long climb ahead. And so when we reached the foot of Mt Faber, we managed to coax that little bit of reserve out and ran up the hill without having to stop to walk. Three cheers for myself:)

Some of the ‘on’ runners ran 4 or even 5 rounds of the 1.6km loop at the top of the hill while cowards like me did only 2 and at a very nice relaxing pace too. After all, the scenery up is so nice – must enjoy. Run too fast cannot see anything leh.

After that, we trotted down. And just as MR is a jinx place for me, Mt Faber (or rather the CBD Run Mt Faber route seems to be a jinx route for M. She fell again. Sighed, so now I got 2 walking wound in the family. Fortunately, we were running so slowly that all she got was a bloodied knee and some blueback on her shoulder. Maybe I should really stopped doing this route totally?

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