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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back to Running

Exactly one week after the medical review, I have done 4 runs to date. The doctor have given the go ahead to run except that I have to do it on 'soft' ground but not trail. And to do at a pace no faster than 10km per hour. As if I can run faster than that:) And I have to stick to the soft ground for at least 3 weeks and if there is no problems, then I can go onto harder ground.

So I started last week with 3 km on the dreadmill followed by 4 km 2 days later. Because the SSC gym has a time limit of 25minutes, I moved on to the Meridien JC track and ran 5 km on Sunday followed by 6 km today. So far so good!

The doctor also said no more barefoot running. He attributed and I reluctantly agreed with his assessment that the barefoot running was a direct cause of the injury.  The doctor said he did some research and it seems that metatarsal injuries are quite common among barefoot runners due to the repeated pounding on the fore foot. My barefoot friends are sure going to be upset about this!

Sighed. Does that mean I have to retire my Saucony Kinvara and NB MT101 without wearing them at all?


  1. cld it be due to the way u run?? since the doc banned u, then have to listen.. =)

  2. Jason. It's a combination of a lot of factors