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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Pasir Ris Sports Complex

I have been waiting eagerly for the Pasir Ris Sports Complex to open since I moved to Pasir Ris last year. Then I don't have to go all the way to Tampines to work out in the gym or swim. And it finally opened in July this year but I have not step foot in it yet.

But after 2 and a half month of feeling sorry for myself and moping around at home, finally picked my butt up and went for a workout at the gym. 

The Pasir Ris Sports Complex is one of those new generation multi purpose all in one place with something for everyone.  

This is the artist impression of the whole complex. Pasir Ris people will not only be able to get a healthy dose of exercises for the body but also plenty of opportunity to work the stomach. Spotted doing renovation now are MacDonald, Pastamania and Once Upon a Milkshake! Isn't it wonderful? So convenient to recoup all the lost calories from the workout in the complex.

 On the top floor is this 5-a-side soccer court

Next to it is the tennis court. 

Inside is the multi-purpose hall where the badminton courts are located. I counted 8 courts!

The highlight of the place is of course the swimming pool. Certainly it will give the Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East a fight for its money.

There is a 3 storey high water chute

Not forgetting a mega size water playground

And there is the Olympic size pool + a training pool + a jacuzzi! And all these for $1.50 per entry(weekday) and $2.00 (weekend)! How about that for value for money!

After the pool, the gym was a big disappointment especially after having got used to the mega commercial gyms and the gym at Tampines. The gym at Pasir Ris is small. Only 3 bicycles, 3 x-trainer, 2 rower, 6 treadmills and the usual weight machines. However, 1 plus point was there was a small area set aside for ladies although I think it is in quite a stupid location facing the corridor (see picture below) and there were only 1 bicycle, 2 pc of mat inside! 

But still it will do for the time being since it is just 800 metres from my place. At $2.50 per entry to the gym, it is really value for money despite the limited equipment.


  1. LOVE THE PLACE!HATE THE STAFF!Here's my story:
    As you know the Ladies Corner is so small. I decided to bring the dumbells out just behind the Ladies Corner where the above picture is and came this Chinese male staff saying cannot bring the dumbells out due to some irresponsible user once they use they did not put it back.After that I used the mat and again he came saying do not use the mat with your shoes on.I told him I saw some people using it with their shoes on. To my surprise he replied "If I see them I will them, do not CHALLANGE me".Wow,very defensive!I am just telling him what I saw is it wrong??Why cant he just reply "I will take note of it"

    1. Not a convincing story. Sounds like you had it coming. Granted the staff PROBABLY could've been more courteous towards you, but don't you think that telling him stuff like you saw others breaking the same rules as yourself IS a form of challenging his authority? Seriously, what do you expect him to say? Do you really expect him to just smile and let you just walk all over him? Furthermore, I think he was really nice to even EXPLAIN to you WHY you can't bring the weights out! (though it might be cuz you were being difficult) I'm sure you're well aware that if the dumbbells have been brought out of the section and was left lying around on the floor, it is a potential hazard and if an unfortunate accident might occur, who is to blame? the management and their staff. so yes, from your story, I think he's doing a good job!

      OH! Chinese male staff? China chinese or Singaporean chinese? I'm not being pedantic, I just think it sounds quite derogative that you need to specify it's a Chinese male staff and not tell us his name or more specific details like how long his hair is and how tall he is... my point it, why stop at his race? what is the point that you're trying to bring across? unless it's cuz of my ignorance and he's the only chinese male staff there...

      and please, why anonymous?

    2. The regular guy there, a slightly older man is quite okay. Agreed he can be abit blunt at time but generally he is quite helpful.

  2. Hi there, thanks for dropping by. The staff very rude. Maybe you shld just drop a feedback to SSC

  3. Hi, would appreciate any help...I was wondering how to get to the sports complex from Pasir Ris MRT? Cos I went to Google maps and I don't see any big sports complex on street view... (unless, of course, the map is super out-dated 0.o) hmmm I don't really know how blogs work so maybe anyone could send an email to ? Thanks so much!! :D

    1. Hi Meri,

      Thanks for dropping by. It is just across the road from Pasir Ris MRT and the bus interchange. You won't see it on Google maps as that is not updated. You can't miss it if you come out from the MRT.