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Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Years on....

Time flies. 5 years ago, I attended my first Running Lab Night Run at Funan Centre as one of the trio of run leaders. It was the inaugural event for Running Lab and was instrumental in kicking off group runs by other retailers. The number of participants grew and grew but over the past 2 years, with the departure of handsome Eddie and the charismatic Ben and speedy Arzeen, the numbers started to drop to the current average of above 12 per session.

Being the only original run leader left from the initial trio, I have more often than desired, been cast as the unofficial "Chief Run Leader", a title that I am not comfortable with since I do not possess most of the qualities that qualify me for it. Probably that is why the runners have stopped coming as well since they do not see any value-add in joining the run - no speedy runners to compete with or someone knowledgeable to share and impart tips.

Anyway, with age catching up and a constant almost non-stop flow of injuries, it is now the right time for me to step down and let the younger run leaders take over. Hopefully, they will be able to resurrect the run to its original glory days.

So after 5 long years of making new friends, some of which has become good friends, I will be bowing out from the Running Lab Night Run.  To Running Lab, Management and staff, it has been a wonderful 5 years of collaboration and I wish Running Lab and everybody all the best for its future endeavor. To all the friends and runners that I have met during these years of running together, I wish you all happy running and I hope to see you around in the running scene.

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