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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Running in Phnom Penh

I read a lot about my running friends running whenever they are abroad. So far although I do go overseas now and then, I have never run in any country unless it is during a race. So when we were in Phnom Penh, our friend  suggested going for a short run and I was stunned. 

We, meaning the sidekick and I were travelling light coming over from Siem Reap and we had not brought along any running gear. Fortunately, we were wearing our running shoes so we ended up wearing our day cloth which was for me, a polo tee and a quite longish short and casual socks. Definitely very uncle looking, I must say.

First thing we learnt about running in Phnom Penh, crossing the road is like dicing with death. And there were several roads to cross before we got to where we want to start our run. But with fairly cool weather and many nice things to see on the way, it was a breeze to have my first overseas casual run.

We started from here. I think this is the Independence Monument.
 Then we ran along this wide stretch of  the Neak Banh Teuk park.

Crossing the road to the riverside, we are amazed that there are a whole lot of activities going on. Not my image of what a 3rd world should be.

A group of judokas or is it taekwondo practising. Sure beats doing in indoor!

Another group dancing away.

Yet another practising tai-chi

A group of seniors strutting their stuff

Not just the humans were out enjoying the fresh air, even the elephant came out for a morning stroll

Managed to snap a picture of the rising sun over the river

Saw this big beautiful riverboat. Wonder is this the one that brings passengers to Siem Reap?

 The run came to an abrupt end when our way was blocked by a restaurant covering the whole walkway. Not wishing to run alongside the heavy traffic, we adjourned for a hearty bowl of beef noodles.

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