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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running Shops's Weekly Runs

Since Running Lab started the trend of having group run from the shop, many other sports retail outlets have jumped on to the bandwagon. Add in product sampling, shoe trial, store discounts and the move is a smart marketing tactics to build loyalty to the shop. 

Runner Lab, the pioneer has its runs on Tuesday and Thursday at its Novena Velocity and Funan outlets respectively. Athlete Circle has it weekly Thursday run from Boon Tat Street. New Balance holds its run every Wednesday and Thursday from its Novena Velocity and Scape outlets. Newton hold theirs every Wednesday at Marina Square and so does new kid on the block, Asics. Adidas and Nike used to hold weekly runs as well but for some reasons, these have been replaced by adhoc special themed run during weekends. (somebody correct me if I am wrong on this).

Photo from RL - Circuit Training on 9 Feb 2012
Attendance at each run generally averages from single digit to mega numbers such as those like the Newton and New Balance runs which wisely tie up with running groups like Punggol Runners. Some are well organised with free drinks, storage and proper warm up and cool down drills. Some like Running Lab and Newton occassionally come up with special program like the recent Polar Circuit training for Running Lab and Run Injury Free talk by Newton.

Warming up at the Newton Run  on 8 February 2012. Photo by Francis Chia
The emergence of such runs is good for the development of running in Singapore. But the retail shops need to be more professional in their approach and come up with more value added programs to keep the runners returning. Just having runs week in and week out will lead to runners inertia. In addition, almost all the outlets do not make the runners sign any indemnity and touch wood, in the event of a mishaps, the shops may end up facing a big legal bill. Something for the shops to think about?

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