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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sundown Marathon Rain down the City

For the fifth year running, I went down to kapo. But this time round, I got more than I bargained for when it poured and poured and we got soaked through! Broken Runner, Kelly and me had parked ourselves at the Garden by the Bay East with coffee, coke and honey drink for the friends running the full marathon but barely before we can see even one of them, the heaven opened up!

Looking at the runners struggling through the heavy rain, I am glad that I did not sign up for this. Originally, I didn't want to sign up after last year's horrendous jam but regretted that decision when the route came out and it was a run to the West Coast Highway. But by the time the early bird was over and I didn't really feel like paying full price. So I am double glad when part of the route was changed from West Coast Highway to  East Coast Park.

Everybody was caught by surprise during the race pack collection when the new route was unveiled. The start time was changed too. Understand there was some anger during the race pack collection and the poor volunteers were the targets of the anger. But I am sure the race organiser wouldn't have made such a drastic change without a valid reasons and sure enough they did...........

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