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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waterway Passion Run 2012

My first official volunteer event for the year. Originally didn't want to do this but got cajoled into doing it by the sincerity and persistency of Mike Kang, the chief and founder of Punggol Runners. So it was a very big group of volunteers that turned up bright and early on a Sunday morning to get the free t-shirt and other freebies err to help out.

We were divided into 3 groups of 3 - 1 group for each main categories and within each 3 subgroups. Our roles were to run or walk in my case within our alloted time frame the entire route and to look out for runners in trouble, give encouragement etc. Sound easy enough. I was put into the sweeper group for the Open category and has to start 15 minutes later than everybody to ensure that we can "sweep" all the late comers like this couple here

So that basically means that I get to walk the entire 10km although I was surprised that there were less walkers than I had expected. But I must admit that after walking for almost 2 and a half hour, it is actually easier to run 10km and I now have a lot of new found respect for those people who dare to walk a half marathon or even a full marathon!

Back at the event site, there ministers of Pasir Ris GRC were out in full force and they machiam like those sexy car models at those motorshow. Actually I mean they pose like the models and let people take photo with them but they certainly ain't sexy! And every Tom, Dick and Harry, Lucy, Mary and whatever were queueing them to take photos with the Ministers and also the "ultra" cool Yam Ah Mee.

For our efforts, we got the nice green event tee, a nice breakfast or lunch? set and plenty of fun.

More photo here or in my FB.

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