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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Races gone Crazy

Me think the race calendar in Singapore has gone crazy. Everybody is rushing in for a slice of the pie never mind that the pie is not getting bigger.

This month of July alone, there are 9 races. Last weekend there were 4. 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. This week there is another 4. Marina 21 on Saturday, Pocari Run, Shape Run and SIS Age Group 15km on Sunday. 

A quick count on the race calendar for the rest of the year reveals the following:

9 races in July; 1 in August; 6 in September; 4 in October, 5 in November and finally 2 in December. And that's not counting the hybrid races, the vertical marathon or those that I am not aware of. 

Runners have never been so spoilt for choice. Yet why is it that I every time I log on to the sgrunners forum, I hear grumbling about expensive race fee, poor goodie bag blah blah blah? Surely it is but a matter of common sense to participate in those races with a good reputation and not take part in all and sundry?

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