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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2012

I have never been on top of the 73 storey high Swisstoel Hotel what more ran up instead of taking the lift. So when I was given the chance to go up, I grabbed the opportunity. Equipped with a media pass, instead of running up the stairwell like the rest, I took the lift up to the top of the world. What I want was to get a view of the skyline but unfortunately it was fairly cloudy and I didn't get any clear view although I did some decent shots. 

But more than the view, what I got was the determination and drive of the participants who ran up the 73 storeys. Mainly healthy young people but some oldish folks and some with very obvious physical handicap.

Young people hand in hand

This chap came from Malaysia just for this!

Where did Flash came from?

Singapore's son, Singapore Blade Runner after completing his first vertical marathon

Another physically challenged guy completing the gruelling 73 storey climb

More photos here

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