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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowed Out?

One more week to the biggest race of my life and at this juncture in time, it is looking like it is not going to happen. The snow is falling falling falling. Will it be snowed out?

I have never trained so hard for a race before. And the surprising thing is that I never wanted to do it. I balloted for it together with the sidekick because I knew she wanted to go. And unfortunately, she didn't get it and I did. So that kicked off a whole 2 months of training. The worse thing about training? Waking up early and going for long long run that stretch till late morning. I love to sleep and I really hate the waking up at 5 am on weekends. But since I was fortunate enough to get a slot when so many didn't, I think I need to give it my best shot.

I have modest aim. A personal best which I think is very achievable considering the effort I put in and the cooler weather. But of course now that looks in doubt. It is going to be freezing cold and I have no experience at all running in sub 10 degree. So I may choke that is, if the race ever get flag off.

On the brighter side, there was a minor miracle when on Saturday I bummed into a friend while running and somehow in the conversation that followed, I managed to get the sidekick a place at the side line that is, if the race ever get flag off!

Whatever, I done my due diligence. If I don't get to run, so be it. I not going to give up my sushi and ramen - not for any snow!

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck!!! Have lots of fun and enjoy yourselves!! :)