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Sunday, March 09, 2014

International Friendship Run at the Tokyo Marathon

The day before the full marathon, we went for the International Friendship Run at the Big C. The sidekick had signed up for this originally as her consolation "run" after being unable to secure a slot in the race itself.

The Friendship Run is sort of an icebreaker - for runners from all over the world to get to know each other. Unsurprisingly, there were runners from all countries and the countries with the most participants got a mention.

After a long long time watching a performance, listening to speeches and enduring the cold, we were finally flagged off. This was a small little run but the Japanese really know how to do it in style and there was on top of a scenic route, good support and freebies.

Here are some photos of the run.

The Singapore runners representative
Posing for photos with other runners while waiting for flag off
Running at last!
Malaysian I presume? 
Beautiful place to run
Japanese Flyer
Fish runners
Last but not least, no running is allowed on the pavement 
(unlike back home in Singapore where runners are supposed to run on pavement)

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