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Friday, April 25, 2014

Banditing of the Highest Level!

"Bandit" a term that is frown upon by Race Directors and serious runners but where almost everybody else quietly endorse it. For those newbies and really innocence, bandit in running terms means taking part in a race without registering for it. There are many argument for and against it but most people I know bandit not because they cannot afford the registration fee but mainly because the race is sold out or they cannot qualify for it or they simply want to accompany their friend like what I observed at last year Great Eastern Women Race

Most people who bandit just run and depending on their luck, they may get chase out by bandit catchers. It has always been fairly easy to identify bandit runner - anybody without a bib is deemed a bandit runner. Until now ..

Last week at the Boston Marathon, 4 runners were "caught" running bandit. They were not booted off the course though. These people have elevated "banditing" to the highest level - with a fake bib! And nobody will be none the wiser if not for the photographers and the real owner of the bib. After her race, like many others, she went to Marathon Photo to look for her photo and she found it along with four other runners all wearing the same bib number! Read the details here and here!

Ok I am glad this is one area we here in Singapore haven't caught up with the Americans yet although I must admit we do have our fair share of cheaters. But these Americans (I presume they are Americans) have taken banditing to the highest level. ~respect~

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