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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Glen Righ, Scotland

Up in the Highlands, we were undecided which place to visit. Our host at Campus House was kind enough to give us some tips but it was when I mentioned waterfall that their eyes lit up cos just a stone throw from where we were staying was a lovely little waterfall.

After getting directions, we decided to go there for a short run after being told that the distance was relatively short. But blur us took a wrong turn and we ended up going up a winding hill. Beautiful scene but I was too focussed on negotiating the bends going uphill and wondering where we were to enjoy the scenery. Eventually, we backtracked and after getting a couple of directions from various people, we finally found ourselves at the trail head of Glen Righ. 

By then it past past 6 pm and worried about the impending darkness, we played safe and cut the run to just the Waterfall Trail which was about 2.5 km. But nevertheless, it was a spectacular short run as these pictures shows.

That's me going up the hill.

And that's the sidekick going up and down the hill. Actually it is more a series of up and down

  And what we came to see - the waterfall!

 And a view of the surrounding area from one of the peaks

I think this is one of the stream fed by the waterfall

And last but not least, the leaves turning golden as the autumn season starts to creep in.


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