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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Running Calendar

Yesterday afternoon after the rain stopped, went for a long run. Has not been running longer distance for the past few weekends as have been running at Sentosa practising for the Real Run. Finished the 20k run in a comfortable time but must have caught something becos after that, threw up. Maybe push myself too hard.

One thing I don't understand - why must race organisers cramp all the events together? Why don't they spread it over the year? Apart from the club runs, starting from the New Balance Real Run this weekend at Sentosa, next Sunday there is the Mizuno Wave Run at Hougang and then the next next Sunday will be the Sheares Bridge Run followed by the Terry Fox Run on 17 September. Organisers - why don't you guys co-ordinate the dates with the Sports Council and spread out the events?

Taking part in some of these shorter run is causing havoc to my training for the marathon where I need to build up my mileage and the only time I can run long distance is during the weekends.

Easy solution is not to take part but I love the challenge of beating my PB at these certified races and not to say - get hold of the t-shirt, which I must admit have been getting better with each year. This year, both New Balance and Mizuno are giving away dri-fit or whatever they call it t-shirt, better than the cheap cotton tees they used to give away.

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