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Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Mentor

Bumped into BC while on the way out for a run with M. He was also going for a run. So he joined us at East Coast. Haven't run with him at East Coast for a long time - maybe 2 years - definitely the last time was before my op.

2 years older and he's still just as fast. After 2km, my breath was laboured, my legs were so heavy and I had to slow down considerably. Last time, I managed to go with him for at least 5km. Just showed how much I had slowed down.

The bugger at what 55? is still as fast as a gazelle. I think by the time I hit his age, I will be crawling and not sprinting like him.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Knee Pain

Was running with a young lady today at the Running Lab run and she disclosed that she had knee pain. Was a bit surprised as she was barely past her teen. A colleague also shared that his daughter in JC 2 had knee pain. Both young ladies are not hardcore running. The former is a netball player and the latter a member of the JC's kayaking team. The only running they does is the warm up before they start training for their respective sports.

In the forum, it is so common to read of runners with knee pain - everybody call it runner's knee although I suspect for each runner, it could be something totally different.

Knee pain as I understand it can be caused by ITB, poor running gait, wrong shoe, weak quads, and for the older folks osteoarthritis.

With the number of people with knee pain increasing - could it be caused by something else other than running? like say diet? Lack of calcium perhaps??

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stem Cell

The ST 19 March has an article on stem cell and how it can be used to treat knee problem. For the thousand of runners out there with knees problem, this must be the best new ever.

Surgeons in Singapore have found a way to replace cartilage in the knee with cultivated stem cell which can grow and replace cartilage. Right now the process has to be carried out through an operation but the docs are working on just a simple injection!

NUH Sports Medicine dept Keep up the good work!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Esplanade Park

Back felt much better. Retained the ko-yeok but went off the pain killer.

Didn't want to chance it but still wanted to de-stress from the mad rush in the office today so decided eventually to go for the RL run. Took it easy and instead of joining the 10km group, went with the ladies for an easy run while taking the chance to come up with a new route to avoid all the construction going on around the area.

A possible route - Start from open place next to High St Centre,

along the river to Esplanade Park, 1 round around it, up the Waterfront building to Esplanade Bridge, back down to Esplanade Park, cross Connaught Road and round the Padang before going back to Esplanade Park and back to the start.

Total roughly 5km. Quite a runnable route and should be acceptable to most runners. Suitable for newbies, also for those who want to chiong as there is relatively low pedestrian traffic if skip the Esplanade part.

View Interactive Map on

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Woke up this morning to find I can't bend down.

Actually yesterday already felt the strain in the back but dismissed it as the result of Monday's night workout. No problem during the run last night and can do all the stretches before and after the run without any problem. Problem only set in when after dinner, found that I could not get up from the sofa without pain.

This morning cannot bend down at all. Out come the ko-yoek. Look like have to lay off for the next couple of days :(

Friday, March 14, 2008

Shopping Time

Took the opportunity caused by the rain to go hunt for running singlet for the company.

This is an annual affair as every year there are new runners and I don't buy extra to keep. The first year in 2005, we had an 'OEM' Nike from China (ha ha!), 2006 I ordered from AGT which big boss complained got no brand so 2007 got New Balance. But than another company with many more runners wore the same attire and we with our puny 10 runners suddenly became part of some other company.

This year, have been to Velocity, saw a suitable NB and a Nike, went to Queensway - nothing there except lot of FBT which I think big boss won't like. Yesterday at Ngee Ann, saw a suitable Reebok. Today, eat snake went to Saucony at Kaki Bukit and saw not one, not two but three suitable singlets!

Suitable means must have my fav color which is also coincidentally our corporate color. Actually the corporate color is purple and orange but I can't imagine wearing a purple running attire. Come to think of it, I haven't seen one yet except for the Nike ladies!

So what will it be this year?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The North Face Arnuva 50 Boa

Took TNF out for a run on Saturday. No trail run just flat ground at East Coast. Did not use any of my orthotics insole just so that I can get the real feel of the shoe.

The Boa lacing was a breeze. Just push and turn and the lace is tighten. Hopefully, the lace won't break easily. But looking at the lace layout, wonder how I going to tie any timing chip to it.

The feel while running was good. Very cushioned and comfortable. I ran 15km in it and the foot didn't get heated up at all. Me think it is suitable for a marathon.

On the flip side, while buying a can of drink, I walked over a patch of water and it sure felt slippery just like the shop guy said and another friend who attested to it - that it was not suitable for wet ground. So there was some truth in it after all.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I-Run at the Singapore River

Supposed to accompany a colleague join the I-Run at the Singapore River as part of his training for the JPMorgan Chase. Last minute he fly aeroplane. So was caught in a dilemma. Go home and run there, join the sgrunners CBD run or go for the I-Run alone. Didn't fancy going home to run after lugging all the gear down. Also didn't want to suffer LT's KTS so in the end decided to go for a nice jog down the Singapore River with the I-Runners.

This being my first time joining the run, I didn't know what to expect. There was a big crowd already gathered when I reached there at around 6.25pm. These people are real organised. There was a registration desk where all the runners had to sign in, a signboard, ambulance and cold 100-plus. The friendly guy even remembered that I had emailed him a query yesterday when I went up to register. Met a familiar face from my very first working place! By the time the warm up session started, there was about 50 over runners!

There was a warm up session before the runners split into 3 groups to run 7km, 5km and 3km distances around the Singapore River. I joined the 7 km group. After the briefing on the route, still not very sure what with so many turns and u-turns so decided to follow the lead runner. Not too sure what type of speed these people does but didn't expect it to be very fast since it was a group run. How wrong was I!

The lead runner who also led the warm up was pretty fast. Even the old guy in front of me was fast! Barely 1km into the run and I was struggling to keep sight of the 4 front runners. In the end, I ran the fastest time ever since mid 2006 doing a 5min pace (if the distance is accurate)! The route starts from UOB, up to Clark Quay till Reading Bridge before turning back to the Esplanade and looping there twice + running around Esplanade Park.

There was a big timer for runners to check their timing at the end of the run and the 100+ and of course the usual cool down. The running time of every runners are recorded ostensibly so that the runners can keep track of their progress. How thoughtful. This should be a good training run for my colleagues training for the JPMorgan Chase. Now if I can only convince them to join in!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The North Face Arnuva 50 Boa

My NB 906 decided to 'talk' to me yesterday after the run at Bedok Reservoir.

So no choice finally decided to go get a new pair of trail shoe. Have been postponing it for some time. All the while wanted a North Face but somehow couldn't get one in my size. So it was a happy coincidence that just when the NB 906 decided to commit suicide, RL Velocity has a pair on Arnuva 50 Boa in my size. Rushed down today to get it. And doubly happy caused it came in my fav color!

According to the North Face website, "the Arnuva 50 Boa is built for the ultra-distance runner who runs trails, dirt paths, even road, and offering the innovative Boa® lacing system for a secure, near-custom fit"

Well I don't think I be running ultra distance any time in the near distance though having a pair of shoes for that purpose make me think..hmmm

The friendly salesman at the shop was telling me that it was a good shoe (he worn it for the last SCSM) but it was not good for wet weather and not very lasting. He was also of the opinion that it was not suitable for Bedok Reservoir's type of granite chip surface. The latter was a bit of a surprise since it was designed for trail and dirt path and therefore should be able to handle the type of light trail that we have in Singapore.

Anyway, will take it out for a test run soon.

Date of Purchase: 2 March 2008

Cost: $246.00

Purchase from: Running Lab Velocity

Worn in Races:
15 June 2008 Mizuno Mt Faber Run
19 July 2008 Inter Constituency Road Race
27 July 2008 Mizuno Wave Run
2 Nov 2008 Pearl Izumi Pure Run Series 3
7 Dec 2009 SCSM
7 Feb 2009 Safari Zoo Run
15 Feb 2009 Kampong Chai Chee Valentine Day Run
8 November 2009 NB Real Run

Retired: 9 November 2009

Total Mileage: 669.38km