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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dreams for 2007?

Like everybody else, time to pen down what to achieve for the coming year.

But first, a recap of the target for 2006 and the results:

1. 2.4 km < 9m:30s by 31/3/2006 - revised to 10:00 but best time still 10:13 :(
2. 5 km < 22m:00s by 30/4/2006 - never even attempt
3. 10 km < 50m:00s by 30/6/200 - Kaput!
4. 21 km < 1h:47:00s by 30/9/2006 - Far far off
5. 42 km < 4h:45:00s by 31/12/2006 - Never even start
6. 5 Km (MR) < 25m by 30/6/2006 - Not at the actual trial but 24:48 on my own. Can count.
7. To get the Mrs to take part in the half by December - Yes!
8. To get Alvin and Alicia to take up running and run 10k by December - just as difficult as getting them to do their own bed

2 out of 8. Failed!

This coming year, more modest targets or is it better to call it dreams?

1. Do a 10 km race under 60 minutes
2. Do a half marathon under 2 hours
3. Dare I dream big - complete a full marathon? Timing not important. With the Mrs as well?
4. Get the children to run at least 5km.
5. Run one oversea race preferably in cooler climate

Well I can dream, can't I? Aim at nothing hit at nothing.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 Recap

2006 has not been a very fantastic year for me mainly due to the knee injury which puts a stop to my running for the last quarter of the year. Also there was the unfortunate non start for the NBRR. Still there were bright sparks throughout like the half marathon in Thailand, the Ing Temple Run, my first swim/run event and of course getting to know a great bunch of friends from sgrunners and VRP.

My first swim/run event - The Farrer Park Challenge.

The Shape Run - first ladies only race in Singapore and the first race for the Mrs. She and her friends never looked back and went on to complete the half marathon in the SCSM 2006.

My barang barang after the knee surgery in August which puts me out for the rest of the year.

The races I did for the year

And finally, participating in fun run and races with all my friends from sgrunners, Running Lab and VRP

Happy New Year and here's looking forward to a brighter and better 2007!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Singapore Garden Festival 2006

Attended the Singapore Garden Festival last Thursday. I love flowers especially all the colours and this festival is like a dream come true. The riots of colours, the beautiful creations, landscaping

More pictures at my flickr and yahoo photos.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Life after Microfracture

Found a website by an American Chinese on his running life after microfracture. I am very much encouraged. This is evidence that there is life after microfracture. This guy, Sleelve managed to even qualify for Boston after his operation! Coincidentally, his operation was also towards the end of August in 1998 and he has posted a detailed schedule of his post-op training schedule. Comparing his program to my own, mine training seems like masak masak. No wonder he can do sub 3! Anyway, he started running around the 16 weeks which is for me like right around now.

Talking about running, did my first outdoor run (or should I say jog) today at Bedok Reservoir. It is so ironic. This time last year I ran there, Molly was the one running behind at a much slower pace and did only 1 round whereas I was far ahead and doing multiple rounds. Today is a complete reversal. She was at least 5 minutes faster than me and did 2 rounds compared to my 1. Still I have no complain. Fact is I managed to do 1 round without any pain or feeling any stress on the leg and that is a real big achievement and call for celebration!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

One night at the gym

Tried to swim last night but it rained so went to the gym instead.

Didn't felt like doing weights since had done so the previous 2 night. Did 30 minutes on the E-trainer instead. After that, while waiting for M...

She called seductively to me. Stared at her longingly. She continues to reckon.. 'Come, come on top of me, ride me, run with me..' Finally like Adam lusting after the apple and heart pumping furiously, I gave in and climbed on top. Just a quickie, try try a bit. It was over before I knew it. I climbed down, drenched in sweat of esctatic joy and flushed with satisfaction. The watch shows 10 minutes. Over in such a short time but it was worth it. 1.62km of pain free running. 6.15 pace. And so ended my first run in 3 and a half months.

Just last week Darek had reminded me: 'No running' he said. 'Run - your knee will get pain - than become weaker - than more pain - than weaker......' Must wait till can do 10 single leg squats without the knee shaking. Been practising hard but the knee simply refused to co-operate. I think if I wait, I will have to wait forever cos so far I have yet to come across anybody who can do 10 perfect single leg squat. It is textbook ideal but not practical so I will start running bit by bit until I am totally confident.

Time to think of running targets for next year?

Monday, December 11, 2006

MBT shoes review

It has been like 3 months since I got my MBT and after the initial period of getting used to it and the elevated height, I am now comfortably acustomed to it, so much so that this week up in Malaysia, it felt strange to walk so much in a normal pair of shoes. My initial review here:

Initially, during my check with the physio and the oestopath, they had some doubts as to its effectiveness as an aid for my recovery. Nevertheless, as I had already gotten hold of the shoes, decided there was no harm wearing it since my working shoes was going bald anyway.

My leg has recovered and in fact gain strength - not too sure whether as a result of the shoes and the physio and weight training (probably all 3) and Megan(my first physio) even commented that for someone my age (yah I am that old) and with such extensive injuries and repair works), my progress is much better than the average person.

I attributed a lot of it to the shoes - mostly because it forces me to really use my balancing skills and leg strength to walk about and balance on the train. One other thing is it forces me to walk slightly straighter although I don't think I can get rid of my hunch in such a short time.

Conclusion, the MBT is comfortable, fun to wear in fact and I think most beneficial as a tool for strengthening the legs. Wah this sounds like an advertisement:( but definitely for those who want to strengthen their legs without wearing ankle weights, or get a leg workout during the entire office hours, I would definitely recommend buying it.

In fact, I thinking of getting the sandal version if the shoes isn't so bloody expensive.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Aftermath

So the official results are out.

I am very proud of the young ladies who trained so hard during the past 12 weeks. I remembered first knowing them when they were just fledgings 1 year ago doing their run at Running Lab and with the exception of Karen, the rest struggled to finish the 6km run especially Ruth who complained and grumbled all the way and had to endure my nagging.

Now 1 year later, except for Karen who did the 10k, the rest Ruth, Bambi, Michelle and Molly gamely took on my dare and signed up for the half. The target was for them to complete in 3 hours although I was hoping that they can finish in 2:45. In the end, each one of them came in under 2:40.

Special mention must be made of Ruth who is going to be a beautiful bride in 1 week one. She had the least training runs - what with the haze causing her asthma to surface and than later on, injuring her ankle. All these on top of grooming herself for her wedding. She did very well considering that of the 4 gals, she had the lowest mileage but yet managed to finish under 2:40. Another plucky lady is Michelle who also didn't have a lot of time to run having to take turn with her hubby to babysit the children so that both can run. In the end, she finished in good form in 2:36. Bambi also persisted despite pain in the leg and finished in a time of 2:40mins. And finally for the Mrs who once said she cannot run and don't know how to run and those sole reason she took up running was to make sure I don't run astray.. she did very finishing in 2:20 something she didn't even expect.

So to all you ladies, I hope you don't mind my being so proud of you. You are the greatest!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

SCSM 2006

Today's the big day in Singapore running calendar.

To all my friends who ran today - well done especially to Ruth who despite her ankle injury managed to complete the half. Also to everybody else, you made me proud.

This is for you. This is your race.

For SGRunners - this one for you. See if you can spot any familiar faces.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shopping Crazy

The shopping spree started on Thursday

1. Bought a new 3 split Fujitsu air con - most expensive purchase.
2. Went Autobacs - bought a new set of 3M car mat
3. Went Arena Warehouse sale bought 2 trunks, 1 jacket and 1 pair of gloves

Saturday went back to Arena Warehouse sale again this time with the Mrs.

4. Bought 2 swimsuits for Alicia and Amily, 1 singlet and 1 short.
5. Went Acics Warehouse sale, bought 2 pairs of shoes; one for me and one for the Mrs. Will I get to wear it for run? 2 more jackets, 4 pants and lost count....

Next week - more shopping in Malaysia

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3rd month Anniversary

Today is the 3 month anniversary of my knee operation. What was intended as a simple meniscus repair job has turned into - in the words of the physio 'massive mulitple injuries' nightmare. What was supposed to be a 8 weeks recovery period has morphed into 3 months and counting with no sight of when I can get the go ahead from the doc to resume running.

Progress is encouraging though. Right now I onto the cross training + stationery bike + swimming - very boring and not very adrelin inducing stuff but at least it keep me fit and counter balance my calorie intake.

This coming Sunday is the ultimate running event for Singapore and I have to be contended to be the sideshow and not a participant. Anyway - for all my friends taking part - be it 10K (Karen, Astrogal + ???), 21k (the past and present VRP gals), my dear Mrs, Bee, Reno, Divey +++++++) and the full marathon people - all the best. May the forces be with you.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Had a pretty slacked week.

Monday - Chest + lower body workout at home
Tuesday - Lower body workout in gym + stationery bike 30 mins + biceps workout at home
Wednesday - Swim 26 laps (app. 1km) + physio at CGH SMC + triceps workout at home
Thursday - Zit. Picked up Mrs no time to workout
Friday - Zero. Went SCSM collection. No time to workout
Saturday - Rained out. Managed to do back + lower body workout
Sunday - Finally, stationery bike 30 mins, EFX trainer 30 minutes + lower body workout + shoulder

Been getting lazier. Not much motivation to push hard. Have started gaining weight. Still not too bad though - 1 kg in 3 months. Stamina have dropped considerably but trying to gain back, got do speedwork:- 2 short runs this week - once when caught in the rain and had to run 100 metres to the hospital and another time chase after the bus on the way to Suntec. Sprint 20 metres. Yeah big deal:)

Only workout I do on a very regular basis is the mouth & stomach - ha ha ha!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bottle Tree Village

Was at the Zoo Sunday afternoon. After that, since already in the North, decided to go look for Bottle Tree Village, which Dasher had mentioned before in his run blog. Turned up Sembawang Rd, went all the way to the end and up to Canberra Dr. Just drove around as had absolutely no idea where the place was. Then spotted some black and white bungalows and remembered there was some mention of them as well. Turned in and drove along some very narrow road until exited at Sembawang Park and lo and behold! there was a sign that says 'Bottle Tree Village...' Wah damn lucky followed the signs and travelled along a even more narrow road and finally reached the place.

It was really a picture out of a postcard. The place really looked like one of those suburb building in Australia. Beautiful.

But here, the place is actually a restaurant. I could see a lot of people even though it was only 6.30 pm. I can imagine having barbecues buffet like what we had in Perth many years ago. Unfortunately, the place serves the usual Singaporean seafood zhi-char. And it wasn't so good. It saving grace - the price was very reasonable.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Went for another session of physiotheraphy. Met Kickjazz there and had a short chat with her. She had some shin bone fracture and calves pain for some time now. Her physio is the new girl Jennifer who replaced my physio Megan. This is Kick's third session and she was saying that she could do all the exercises herself and didn't think the sessions was benefiting her.

It sounded so familiar. I too was thinking along this line way back in January this year when I first started physio. After a few sessions, I felt I was getting nowhere and was just paying for a personal trainer. So I quitted when there was no pain after I switched to a new pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, when the knee problems began, I had no choice but to go back. Then Megan took me through many physio sessions to strenghten the leg in preparation for the surgery. Even Jo, my oestopath advised me to continue the session as he felt my recovery would be faster if I managed to strengthen the leg through the session. Then after the operation, the physio was absolutely necessary to get the leg back into shape and strengthen it so that I can run better in future (or at least that's what the Doc said).

Anyway, through all these months, I have learnt a lot from the physio and the friendly trainers. In the process, I have also learnt to do many different type of exercises that I didn't find in the books. As a result, according to Megan before she got transferred, my progress is faster than normal despite my massive multi-injuries. Right now, Derek is pushing me to work harder so that I can bend my leg all the way.

So my opinion of the physio sessions has changed. And for those with real serious problems, I would advise to continue with the sessions. But than again, for those with one off pain and not some long term injury, may be a visit to a chinese sinseh should suffice.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just can't tahan this idiot. Was swimming this evening and every time this guy reached the end of the pool, he will clear his throat and than spit into the drain running along the side of the pool. Sure the drain is channelling the pool water into the filter but since it is on level with the pool, somehow or rather the spit might flow back into the main pool.

And I don't understand why he got so bladdy much spit. He is certainly a stronger swimmer than me and since poor mediocre me don't even drink the pool water, surely he will be able to do the same! I feel like going up and making him sucked up the damn thing. The only thing stopping me is - he looks much stronger than me so I chickened out:(

On a brighter note, my self learnt front crawl is now slightly faster than my breaststroke. The only problem is that I can swim 40 laps of breaststroke without problem but 2 laps of front crawl and I need to stop to take a breather. Still a long way to go!

Err... can anyone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Long Run

Unfortunately again not for me. This time the ladies gathered at East Coast Park again for their 2nd last long run before they do their first half marathon. Ruth couldn't make it as she was feeling unwell. Karen turned up though even though she didn't need the extra running since she was just doing the 10km.

The ladies, Michelle, Bambi, Karen and Molly took off at 7:20 am. This time the target is for Michelle to do at least 18km and Bambi and Molly to try to do 20km. Karen of course was free to do what she wants.

Unlike the previous week run, the ladies did well today. They ran the first 5 km at a 6.20 pace which I thought was too fast for them considering that there was another 15km to go. They did the next 5 km in about the same timing with Michelle about 8 minutes behind the 3. The plucky ladies didn't stop at 20km but instead continued for another 1km to make it their first 21km run in an average time of approximately 2h:35m (7.30 pace). Michelle also managed to complete her longest run ever all 18km of it in 2h:20m still well under 8 min pace.

Look like they will all be on target to finish in a comfortable time on race day.

Next week will try to bring them to do the actual race route.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Running Groups

Since Running Lab started their weekly Thursday Night Run last December, they have set the standard for corporate related organised run. Adidas joined in this year and Nike also started their own Runaholics.

The RL Thursday Night run continues to grow in strength despite it being the pioneer. Last night there was a good crowd of well over 20 runners with an even mix of regular and newcomers. The highlight of the run must be Eddie with his warm up and cool down stretches. Also, this is the only run for newbies with several pacers and helpers pacing the seasoned as well as guiding the newbie. Too bad there is no proper shower facilities for after the run.

The Adidas Run is on every Wednesday from Suntec. So far I gathered the runners are mostly seasoned runners and I guess with a good number of them from sgrunners and cross over from the RL run. The attraction of this run so I heard is the fruits and isotonic drink at the end of the run plus shower facilities. Also, there is some sort of loyalty program for those who have completed a certain number of runs.

Finally the Nike Run every Sunday. This started only in October but with a tie up with MR25 and press coverage, this is probably the biggest group run. Of course, the freebie helps. As I understand it, a free Nike T-shirt for those who have done x number of runs and for the first 20 to hit 90km, a free pair of shoes.

With the emphasis on health and fitness nowadays, these couldn't have come at a better time for runners. On top of these, there is the South East CDC jog at East Coast every Saturday, SAFRA weekly run etc. A runner is certainly spoilt for choice nowadays.

Who next? Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno - where are thou?

Monday, October 30, 2006

A Hot Run

Saturday afternoon, the ladies went for a run at East Coast Park. Originally scheduled to start at 4pm, I pushed it down to 4.30 as I thought it was too hot. M, Bambi and Michelle started first running from Car Park G to Safra Resort. They are supposed to do 20km and 15k respectively. Roo and Wei Jian came later. They met up with the 3 front runners and went for 15k. This will be the longest run ever for Michelle, Roo and WJ. Ben joined us later and decided to run the same route although he was almost 45 minutes behind the rest.

When I reached the 1st waterpoint after the chalet, the ladies were already there waiting for me. They were screaming for water. The way they drank, you could have thought they were in the desert. Between the 5 of them + Alicia who was blading, they finished 1 and a half bottle of 1.5ltr H20. Guess the sun was still too hot for them.

At the next water point which was 12km & 9km from start for the 2 groups, they took another breather and gamely went on. I could see that they were real tired. Their lack of exposure in running during the afternoon shows. Ben soon caught up with them at this point - still running steadily at - I think a slow 5min pace for him.

Michelle and WJ completed their run after 16km and 13 km. They hopped into the car and we went to the next water point to wait for the rest. Bambi and M came back after doing 19km and decided to stop. Roo also came in shortly after having run walk the last 2km. Her longest distance ever!

Well done ladies!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pierce Run

Brought the ladies down to Pierce for this week run. Surprised to bump into 1 big group of sgrunners. They are doing the Muddy Grass Run. Saw quite a number of new faces. As I watched them goes off, how I wished I could join them especially since this run was for a route which . But I still got another 2 months or so to go before can resume running.

M, Bambi and Michelle are running this route for the 2nd time. Last round, they ran 11km. This time, they conquered approximately 14km in a time of 1h:44m making it approximately a pace of 7.28min. So far, the ladies are making steady progress for the half. M and Bambi has already done up to 18k, Michelle 14 and Roo 12. Keep it up ladies.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Past Week

Continued my daily workouts but after last week mild scare re - a frozen shoulder, dare not use too heavy weights. Carried on the stationery bike three days in a row. At least now I can cycle without bringing the seat so far up that I can barely touch the pedals. Went swimming on Saturday. Managed to do total of 1.6km. Unfortunately, still cannot keep the stupid legs kicking and floating and without the leg buoy, can't even do a proper front crawl. Look like got no choice but to go for lessons.

The haze lighten up a bit on Saturday so the Missy managed to catch Bambi for a run. As usual, I played waterboy. This time, the 2 ladies managed to do 18km in 2 hrs 14 mins. They getting there very smoothly. At this rate and with 1 more month to go, they should be able to finish the half in the target time.

Friday, October 13, 2006

MBT shoes

It has been almost 2 weeks since I got my MBT shoes. Still trying to get use to walking around in them. So far so good but can't really balance myself on the train.

What is this MBT shoes? MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology.

"Designed by a Swiss engineer to simulate barefoot walking or running, MBT shoes were supposedly inspired by the Masai people of East Africa, who walk barefoot over miles of uneven terrain, yet allegedly experience few back and joint problems. Some even train barefoot for marathons. The multi-layered soles, in essence, turn a flat surface into an uneven one, giving muscles you don't normally use a workout and challenging you to walk more upright. You'll experience a rocking motion when you wear them. Some athletes, including those on the Austrian National Ski Team, use MBT during training."

More information from this website:

"MBT shoes can change the way most of us use our muscles as well as reduce shock forces to the entire skeletal system. Masai Barefoot Technology makes all surfaces like walking in sand. Unlike most conventional training shoes that only support and cushion your feet, the unique lever spring action of MBT's challenge the core strengthening muscles to be more active. This creates good posture and increases shock absorption for all the joints.

The MBT range of footwear is designed to allow you to walk on a soft, uneven surface in order to stimulate exceptional muscle use; so increasing tone, alignment throughout the body, benefiting circulation and giving you a feeling of overall good health and well being.

Training with MBT improves: Coordination, Core Stability, Power & Speed, Running Style, Endurance, Flexibility, Recovery and Injury Prevention. Performing on a high level needs to balance all of your abilities. MBT makes training more effective, challenging and gentle to your spine.

For treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of: Back, hip, leg and feet problems, Joint, muscle, ligament and tendon injuries, Therapy resistance. GPs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and alexander technique teachers recommend the use of MBTs to successfully help prevent and treat injuries"

More on MBT shoes here:

Have I benefitted from the use of the shoes? I'm not too sure. They are comfortable but due to the thickness of the shoes, I am now 2 inches taller. It certainly forces me to walk and stand straighter which is good for me as I hunched most of the time. However, the Physio at CGH and Jo at the OPRC doesn't think too highly of it. So the verdict is still out.

One thing though - why can't they design it nicer?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dr Richard Steadman and Microfracture

The New Paper on Sunday carries an article on Dr Richard Steadman. This is the surgeon whom my doc, Dr Chang Haw Chong learnt his skills from (as he is constantly reminding me of:)) and the techniques he applied on me is the same microfracture techiques that was used on Micheal Owens, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Alan Shearer, Ronaldo, Henrik Larsson, Craig Bellamy, Patrik Berger, Jimmy Bullard, Lothar Matthaus, Richard Wright, Johnny Heitinga, Joleon Lescott and Martin Laursen. Looks like I have more in common with these stars than I thought. Now if only I can share a little bit of their wealth:)

The full text of the article SAVIOUR OF THEIR KNEESpublished in The New Paper on Sunday 8 October 2006

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Botanic Garden

The haze has disappeared. Went down to BG to meet the sgrunners. Had arranged for Jo from the Osteopathic Pain Relief Centre to come down to do individual gait analysis for the runners.

There were all in about 15 runners including Ripley formerly known as Kelly who was not running and Axe whom I meeting for the first time. The turnout was smaller than expected - probably due to concern over the haze. Nevertheless, the session which started at about 9.30 am took over an hour as Jo and William did very detailed analysis for the runners.

The 2 fellas did examination of their foot, walking and running techniques and even a little crunching here and there. At the end of the session, they recommended correcting runing postures etc. I do realised each person has their own individual running styles and it may not be possible to adjust or make changes to the running styles without affecting the speed but still I sincerely hope everybody will have learnt something about their running and benefited from it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

One hazy morning

Today the ladies are running at East Coast Park. It was a hazy morning. When we reached there, not surprisingly, East Coast Park was nearly deserted. We found out later the haze index climbed up to 130 psi at about 10 am. Luckily, we had finished by then.

Molly, Bambi and surpisingly Karen came. Ruth came with WJ but in the end she didn't run as she was asthmatic and everybody thought it was not a good idea to run in such condition. So she became my watergirl.

The run started at carpark F2 and targeted to u-turn at the fence at Fort Road. After the runners took off, we drove over to carpark B1 and set up our water point. While waiting for the runners to arrive, I proceeded with my now routine set of exercises to strengten the legs and increase it range of motion.

Almost all 4 of them reached the waterpoint together in a time of about 40 minutes - and all complaining of dry eyes. WJ turned back here while the 3 ladies continued up to the end.

Ruth and me also went back to Carpark F1. WJ came back first followed by Karen, Molly and Bambi. Although I told them the distance was only 14 km actually after calculating - it should be close to 15km and the average time taken by them was 1:43. Their longest run to date. Looks like they are well on target to finishing the half under 2:30.

Had a nice breakfast of Nancy's Katong laksa followed by kaya bun and heavenly coffee at Chin Mee Chin. Hah nothing beats having a nice meal after a long hard strenous workout right?

Friday, October 06, 2006

This Week

This has been a good week. It didn't start off well but that's normal for Monday right?

Monday - Finally, the annual reports are out and delivered. Got a mild scare in the afternoon when 1 goodnu finally picked out an error - after like what 6 rounds of checks by no less than 6 different people including the external auditors and lawyer. Luckily not printer fault otherwise the asshole sure chew me up like mad. Ha ha in the end got to paste sticker again - just like last year. Who ask him to approve the stupid text without checking thoroughly? Anyway, it made my day to see the asshole at fault for once!

Tuesday - Got a real good news. The company has on top of paying for the hospitalisation agreed to reimburse 80% of the oestopathic treatment. That means I can get back close to $600/-. Enough to buy a HRM with spare change for a new shoe:)

Wednesay - Was at CGH for physio and the Synviss injection. Bumped into Dr Chang at the waiting area. First thing he said when he saw me - "you can throw away your clutch lah!". Yeah! now I'm walking freely. For the physio session, have also switched back to Darek as Megan has been transferred. Darek is more thorough and experience but a real - what we call 'physio-terrorist'. I am more optimistic that under his care, I will recover even faster!

Thursday - At the HOD meeting today, unexpectedly Chairman raised an issue not on the agenda and which had been decided and agreed on with one of the indie directors last week. The end result, was Chairman overruled the indie director's instruction which means my dept end up not having to do the newly assigned tasks. Hurray!

Friday - At this time, nothing good yet but with so much positive feeling this week - maybe can strike the big Toto prize tonight:) Hmm if only can bother to go and queue up!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday 3009006

Went with the Mrs, Bambi and Michelle to Pierce for this weekend training run. Michelle brought her 2 kids along so I played baby-sitter. The kids are so lovable and friendly very unlike my 2 who will not warm up to strangers.

The ladies are doing very well now. They complete the 11km or so run up the nasty slopes in a fairly good time of 1:25 mins without walking the slopes. Very good indeed for people who have never ran there before.
Had roti-prata at the relocated and renovated Casurina Prata House together with Michelle's hubby, Notme who had ran 30km earlier with the Animiles. Thanks Yu (pun intended) for the breakfast.

I have now been cleared by the doc to go without the brace and to use 1 crutch. It is so much more convenient. Also started cycling at CSMC at yesterday physio. Cycled for 20 minutes. Tried to swim today but rained out after 10 minutes. But the 10 minutes felt good. Will try and do 20 laps today.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Training for the Marathon

Sunday at East Coast. Training for the marathon but not me - the Mrs and the ladies from VRP and Chris. They are doing the half for the 1st time and training hard. With 11 weeks to go, they are doing 12km today (14km for the Mrs). All of them finished in good time (1:18 - 1:34). Target for them is to complete the half without walking in 2:30 minutes, an achievable target I think.

I managed to walk 4km in a record time of 1:01 minutes :(. Came back to the start point and was doing some exercises when saw some sgrunners going past. Managed to stop quite a few for a chat and a drink. They were running from Changi Village in what is known as the 'Demoralising Run'. Wished I could have joined them. The last time I ran with them on this route was only up to the mid point of the runway. This time round, they were running to Bedok Jetty and for I think - Teelee, Real and Dream, even further. Didn't expected so many to be doing the full 28km distance though. Pretty soon, ran out of drinks for them. So paiseh. To those who didn't managed to get a sip, next time I bring more supplies.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

This Week

End of the first week back at work. It has been an interesting time moving around on crutches in public places and taking public transport. Now I understand why the handicapped keep on complaining about the lack of empathy by the public and the people in charge of transport and buildings.

At my office, to reach the lift there is a flight of steps no bid deal to the able bodied but to the disabled, it is a mountain to climb. As my cubicle is on the 2nd floor and the pantry is on the first floor, everytime I need to replenish my drinks, it is either go down 2 flights of staircase on 2 crutches carrying the bottle or take the cargo lift which means I have to exit via the back door to use the cargo lift and logged in again at the main office entrance to reach the pantry - no mean feat balancing bottles, ID passes and crutches and rushing to open the door after keying in the key before it shut down again. Interestingly, 2 colleagues offered to get the water for me and both are not from my dept. Not wanting to make my girls feel bad, I turned down their offer.

On the train, it was even more interesting. First day home, nobody gave up their seat to me. 2nd day a lady restored my faith in Singaporean by jumping up almost immediately when I got in the train. 3rd day I was off so nothing to recount. Thursday the train was quite empty so no problem getting a seat myself. Friday morning ha - at Tanjong Pagar MRT was waiting at the lift. There was already some people in front of me waiting for the lift. When the lift came, all rushed in. Nobody seemed to have seen me. Nevermind, since I was behind them, waited for the next lift to come. Then the trains came and discharged another load of passengers. So many moved to the front of the lift door and again I was crowded out. Same thing happened the third time and I finally gave up and walked to the escalator. Maybe I should be in a wheel chair?

Anyway, I am thankful that mine is a temporary problem but for those who are genuinely physically disabled, I now fully understand how they feel and their frustration when they go out. I will consciously ensure that I never behave like these boors and will be gracious and helpful in whatever way possible.

As for those boors, I pity them cos I am temporary partially disabled but for them, I think mentally they are truly disabled.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Back to Work

Sigh, just when I was enjoying myself at home it's time up to go back to work. No more Justice League, Superman, Martin Mystery, Drake & Josh..... No more waking up at 9.30, going to an empty gym in the afternoon for nice quiet workout, no more pampering from everybody at home.

The nice folks back at the office has cleared everything for me. For once, no coming back to a desk full of piled up overdue work. Whew and thanks everybody!

The office folks had a mini wager whether anybody will give up their seat for me on my way home via the MRT. Do they really expect our practical stressed Singaporeans to give up their seats to anybody? After all, they paid the same fare so why should they be deprive of a seat? So as expected, no seat for me even though everybody can see tall old me standing with 2 crutches. Or maybe watch too much cartoons and somehow managed to turn myself invisible so nobody saw me. So got to stand all the way from Tanjong Pagar until Kembangan before getting an empty seat. Wonder who won the bet in the office?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Math Answers

Got this absolute real gem via email.

Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Hopefully my kids don't answer their math problems like that tho.

Monday, September 11, 2006


It is the 11th day since the operation.

I have gone off the pain killer totally although there is still some pain now and than but nothing unbearable. I am now able to walk and bent the leg a bit but under doctor's order, still have to use the crutches. The physio has promised that when I can bend my legs to 80%, I can start going on the stationery bike. Right now it's about 60% so am working hard to reach that.

Went out for the 1st time other than to the hospital on Saturday to Raffles City. The Vitamin Research girls are having a relaunch of their shop. There is a small crowd there. Their business seems to be doing well although I don't really understand their concept. Who do they sell to? They are not retail based although they have a retail outlet. To clinics? Do clinics dispense the supplements they sell? They also don't really promote their bio-testing aggressively. I guess being in the financial line make me real curious about how people run their business. Ayway, all the best for the relaunch.

On Sunday, went with M to East Coast Park. She is training for the half marathon for the SCSM this year end. Got her to just do a 10k run whilst I walked for 25 minutes - for a total distance of maybe 1km? A record for me! Followed through with all the usual leg and core exercises to strengthen the leg while waiting for her to return. Feeling very good.

Tomorrow, will move on to the next phase of exercise to get back in shape.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st 5 days of MC

It's been 5 long days of pure torture - it's so freaking boring staying at home Already finished all the movies borrowed from Eric, made a mistake and borrowed 1 whole lot of John Grisham's books and find that I don't like his style of writing. Got so desperate yesterday that I decided to play the Xbox but old already don't know how to use the controller got fadup of crashing the cars after 10 minutes switched to Halo and after 10 minutes of walking around gave up and went to sleep again!

Really looked forward to today physio - anything just to go out for a while. Stayed at CGH for 4 hours before reluctanly returning home. During the physio session, got some bad news - seem instead of being out for 1 month - I am unlikely to be able to run or even swim for the next 6 months because the surgeon did an additional procedure on me - ie. microfacture of the bone. That was what was causing the pain and also why I'm not allowed to bend my leg.

Came back and read the doctor notes again - hell - he did 3 microfactures, 1 resection of the Medial Plica and the repair of the Meniscus. ...What the ... Oh well, it's time to sleep again!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Post Operation

29 August 2006

9.30 am Checked myself into CGH. Feeling very hungry. No food since 11pm the previous day. Operation is schedule for between 9.30 am to 12.30 am. Stayed in the ward waiting for my turn. Getting hungrier and hungrier and also thirsty.

12.30 pm The guy next to me got his lunch. Where's mine?

12.45 pm Finanlly! they came and pushed me to the operating theatre. Must lie on the stupid bed and get pushed down by the amah. Why can't they let me walk by myself?

1.00 pm. Told Dr Chang I am dead hungry. He said he already pushed me up by 1 patient.

1.15 pm The anesthesist asked me to breath in oxygen and than I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4.00 pm Woke up to see Dr Chang standing over me. He flashed some photos and started explaining what he had done for me. Too groggy to understand what the hell he's talking about. Than he gave me a small bottle. Fluid from the knees

4.45 pm Pushed back to the ward. Now damn hungry. I could eat a bear!. The Mrs is waiting for me. Took a sip of water and promptly threw up. What happened? The good old Doc conveniently didn't tell me that due to the effect of the anesthesia, I wouldn't be able to eat for some time.

5.30 pm They put a CPM on the bed and put my leg inside. It's supposed to stimulate movement but it's so damn uncomfortable. I can't turn with it and can only sleep on my back.

6.00 pm Dinner came at last - now I can eat! Took a bit of the kiwifruit and threw up again. Sigh. There goes dinner. The plate of pasta is untouched.

6.30 pm Had a surprise visit from Aileen, Bey and Yee Mun. Got me a nice flower basket with 3 bears.

7.45 pm Decided to eat the papaya left over from dinner. Stil no go. This is a PB for me - no food for more than 12 hours.

8.15 pm Needed to pee. Nurse said cannot get off the bed and handed me a bottle. Er how to pee lying down on the bed with 1 leg sliding up and down? Er with much difficulty and fear. Luckily in the end never spill anything on the bed.

30 August 2006

8.00 am. Breakfast and at last stomach is okay. Wolfed down the hard bun and the three small pieces of sausages.

9.00 am The doc came said I can be discharged yipee but need to remain on crutches for 6 weeks? omg! That long. I expecting only 2 days on crutches.

9.15 am The nurse came and changed the dressing. Finally saw the cuts. It's only 3 small holes.

11 pm Got some practice on using the crutches.

2.00 pm Discharged and home sweet home.

Never realised how difficult it is to be a handicapp until you loose the use of one limp. It's so difficult to walk. But at least now I can go to the toilet and pee! It's is so difficult everything got to depend on someone to do for you. The pain has finally set in after being absence for the past days. Not allowed to bend my leg more than 30 degrees so cannot get the chance to even twist it a little to alleviate the stiffness and pain. What did I got myself into?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This is the Day

This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice in it .. so goes the line .. but a bit difficult to rejoice today. In another 5 hours or so, I will go for the Arthroscopy and cartilage repair. It is not the surgery that I worry about but what if after the op.. I find that I can no longer run?

According to the Doc, he's going to trim the meniscus if possible If not, he will have to remove it.

More information on the meniscus:

"Medically speaking, the "cartilage" is actually known as the meniscus. The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of fibrocartilage which is located at the peripheral aspect of the joint. The majority of the meniscus has no blood supply. For that reason, when damaged, the meniscus is unable to undergo the normal healing process that occurs in most of the rest of the body. In addition, with age, the meniscus begins to deteriorate, often developing degenerative tears. Typically, when the meniscus is damaged, the torn piece begins to move in an abnormal fashion inside the joint.

Because the space between the bones of the joint is very small, as the abnormally mobile piece of meniscal tissue (meniscal fragment) moves, it may become caught between the bones of the joint (femur and tibia). When this happens, the knee becomes painful, swollen, and difficult to move."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

AHM 2006

At last the day of the AHM. This is the race that I been waiting for - since it was my first race ever back in 2004 and I missed last year's due to the flu. Also, this will possibly be my swansong for this year as I doubt I will be able to do the SCSM so soon after the op.

However, it is a race that I'm really ill prepared for. Mileage has been extremely low for the past months and the past 2 weeks only did 1 5km (treadmill) and on Thursday a slow 6km or maybe less at the Running Lab run. Moreover, I don't know whether the knees will be able to take the pounding as it has swelled up again after subsiding for about a month. Also, there is some problem with the left ankle which I can't place.

After the screw up of last week NBRR, I was really apprehensive about today. Will I be caught in another traffic jam? Will I be able to find a parking lot? Yet it doesn't make sense for me to go too early. In the end, decided to reach there by 4.30 pm. Picked up Cosmic and M's uncle and boy was I relieved when I reached Raffles City with plenty of time to spare.

Met a few of the SGrunners at the fountain. At the start point, managed to squeeze myself to the 1st quarter. Saw Bug, Dream and DO. Babymon came later and urged her to move right to the front as she has a good chance of coming in tops. Also saw Spiderman and Jenab.

The race was flagged off sharp at 5.30am. Initially, ran with Mightyjoe and Terence (from the Running Lab run) but Terence soon move off and I also pushed ahead. The first 2 km was covered in 11:33 which was what about 5:45 pace. Up on the ECP, I saw Run3 flew by and than Cosmic. Caught up with Loneshark, formerly known as Nemo, Fennel and Doremon Red. The 4 of us played catch each other all the way to East Coast Park. The next 9 km was done at an average pace of 5:25. Somewhere, along Mounbatten Rd, IMD came running by. He had started behind and was making up for lost time.

At the 11km water point, took my packet of Hammergel. First time I am taking this for a 21k run but it was expiring soon and if I don't finish it, it was going to waste. Along Nicoll Highway, I was running alone - not too sure where Loanshark and the 2 ladies were - behind or in front. Along Middle Rd, I spotted Brokie in front. Decided to tail her but unfortunately for both of us, we got stopped at a traffic light. So we started chasing each other. I overtake her and she overtook me but like the Mizuno run, I got more motivation running behind her sexy little bum than running in front of her. Ha Ha! Got stopped at another traffic light. Not too sure whether it is good or bad. On the one hand, the stop allowed me to get my breathe back but also disrupt the rhythm. Decided to run smart - when I see the runners in front stopped at the run, I reduced my pace and so eventually when I reached the junction, they would have moved off and I didn't have to stop.

The right knees had started to give problem back at the halfway point but no choice already half way done - have to complete. Now the left ankle also started to give problem. This was made worse by my removing my orthodics insole this morning and choosing to run without it. Unfortunately, I forgot to put in the original Ascis insole and was just using a very thin Reebok insole. Everytime the foot hit the floor, it would go flip flop flip flop sending shockwave after shockwave up the body.

Maybe I was too tired and didn't notice but I didn't see any distance marker after the 16km. Along South Bridge Rd, I managed to catch up with Reno whom I had last saw at Shenton Way. Then Loanshark ran past (ha.. he was behind me) he seems to have much energy - he would charge at full speed and than slow down and repeat this throughout the entire run. If I do like him, I would have pengsan long ago. Dasher also came by. He complained of ankle pain but dashed off almost as fast. I guess we have less than 1 km to cover but I was tiring and decided not to give chase to all of them including Brokie who was still in front. This last 5km I covered in a poor time of 29:39 almost 6min pace. Eventually, crossed the finished line at 1:58:03 (based on my watch).

Not too great but also not too bad for an old man running with 2 bad legs. No PB but this was never a race for PB. It is a race against myself, my mind and my body. At least now I can go for my surgery on Tuesday satisfied that I have done my best and finished what I had set out to do.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Mrs

The NB RR results are out and the Mrs clocked a very credible 1:03:17 (chip time) I am very proud of her. The last few practice at Sentosa she was still doing 1:11 to 1:15 and this is a drastic improvement.

She was an unwilling runner. Initially, when I started running seriously in 2003, she always said I crazy don't want to sleep wake up at 5.30 am to go running. My efforts to get her to run didn't work. Her excuse: "I can't run". Then she started joining me in the gym to reduce 'weight'. She started running on the threadmill but try as I could - couldn't get her to run on the road with me. She said she can only runs on threadmill.

When I started going to the Running Lab run, and told her of the people and the lady runners there - I think she got worried that I will run away with someone from there. (Too bad so far no takers for me:) So she decided to join me.

Now she runs 3-4 times a week more than me and I am the one who have to keep telling her to stop running and rest. She has done 4 races this year - I have only done 3 so far. This morning she surprised me when she said she will do the half for the SCSM. She said too many 10K already time for new challenge.

Time for me to stop running and turn coach.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Race that never got started

What a screw up race this turned out to me for me. May be somebody up there is really trying to send me a message that I'm not suppose to run.

It all started well enough. Picked up Cosmic at 6.30am reach Keppel Road at 6.45am. There was a long queue of cars so I patiently waited. After 10 minutes when the queue did not move, I started to panic. 10 minutes later and we had hardly moved 10 metres. Oh shit, this is bad. Many people in taxi were alighting and walking. At 7.15 am when we haven't even move pass Prima, I asked the Mrs and Cosmic to walk. By the time I reached the junction to Gateway, it was already 7.40. Sigh, it's going to be a mad rush to reach the start point in time like that.

At 7.45am I managed to move pass the ticketing booth at the causeway. At 7.50 I was just outside the Visitor Centre in my car when I saw the runners coming down from the Gateway Park. It was another 20 minutes before the traffic could move. I sped up to the Beach Car park only to be turned back and redirected to Sentosa Cove carpark. Bo piah, turned the car around drove down and got caught in another jam. This was just not going to be my day! Decided to try my luck at Tanjong beach but there was another long queue of cars waiting to go in. Uturn back to the Beach Car and went up to take a leak - saw all the returning runners running along. Time 8:40 am. What a **&^%%$ day! Gave up - decide to drove out since there was obviously no place to park. Drove pass the Gateway carpark and lo and behold - there got space. Finally got the stupid car parked at 8.45am - a mere 2 hours after reaching Keppel Rd.

Returned the chip, collected my goodie bag and went to watch the rest of the runners come back.

There surely is a conspiracy somewhere to stop me from running! First, the knee, than so many well meaning friends have been advising me not to do this run because of the sand and now this.

Indeed why do I want to do this? Why does the chicken cross the road? I have done the most practice run on Sentosa this year - 5 to be exact and not to be able to do the race itself is gut wrenching. I want to better my last year time and go out on a high ntoe - not as a bladdy sick old man. I am not an invalid yet! But after the operation, I know I will not be able to run at the same pace any more. Not that I fast in the first place but I will become very slow after the op. That I am sure. I will be just like the f(*&^)^% weekend uncle shuffling along in the park and I don't think I can take it!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Mental Block??

2nd time in a row that I skipped the RL Thu Night Run and for the slightest of reasons.

Last week was this funny feeling on the left sole. Told myself didn't want to take any chances. So skipped. Yesterday, using the Enbebe Bio-Ray knee guard for the second time, the knee felt very tight, in fact the whole leg felt very tight. So decided to skip last night as well.

Very unlike me. Growing old or just becoming plain lazy?

Mileage these few weeks have been very low - averaging only 15k and at most 20k max and only 2 runs a week. May be the lack of running is the cause? Maybe just a case of getting sian of running. Anyway, only 3 more runs (2 races and 1 normal run) to go before calling it a day temporarily.

Time to change the title of this blog to "Life Sucks"??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Osteopath Treatment

Went for my fourth treatment today. The knee feels better but unfortunately even Jose admits surgery is necessary after viewing the MRI and x-ray. :(

What exactly is Osteopathy? According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia - it is the practice of therapy based on manipulation of bones and muscles. This school of medicine, founded by A. T. Still in 1874, maintains that the normal body produces forces necessary to fight disease and that most ailments are due to “structural derangement” of the body. Frequent slight strains are held to be capable of causing misalignment of bones and various other conditions of the muscle tissue and cartilage, and treatment is directed toward correction of these conditions.*

For those who tends to suffer pain/injuries after running - I strongly recommend paying him a visit to check out what's wrong. Like in my first visit, he checked the wear patterns on my shoes, made me run and found out my left leg tends to swing out and my right leg lands harder. He recommended orthotics insole (not cheap though. In fact, the whole treatment is expensive but certainly I do see improvement after treatment. Somemore he throw in massage, ultrasound treatment as and when necessary. The swelling has gone down. The only thing about the treatementis it is damn painful when Jose is manipulating the joint. What I like is that he not just treat the problem but he corrects my running postures, and show techniques on how to strengthen the affected jointand exercises to strengthen the quadss. I suppose he is like a physio, chiropractor,tuinai, podiatrist combines into one.

Check him out at Osteopathic Pain Relief Centre. Free advice every Thursday 12 - 1.30 pm.

*Source: "osteopathy." Britannica Concise Encyclopedia. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2006. 15 Aug. 2006.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Alicia's Direct Admission Trial

Alicia went to try out for direct admission to Anglican High this morning. Unfortunately, she was not shortlisted after the basketball trial. I had high hope initially as she represents her school and her teacher seems to think she had a good chance.

There was a big turnout for the basketbal criteria - about 20 + and they were only looking for 12. When I saw the group of Poi Chun girls played, I knew she had no chance. Fast, agile, big sized and skilful - Alicia is way off their league. And with about 8 of them, they already easily took up most of the places available.

But to be honest, if I am the selector, I also couldn't have pick her. The rest were simply too good. No wonder all the rest of her team mates stayed away.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Different Kind of Race

How about that? A new race in town as reported in Today - Scurrying down to this derby.

What's it all about? A race for cockroaches. That should be damn fun. And the best part - Guarantee no running injury, no long hours of training and cheap too! And after that, for those with fear factor courage - can slurp up the protein rich creatures and for those who are sadist - can just stomp on them!

Think I go catch myself some roaches.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches - This one like me only know how to make noise - cannot run sure to lose to the German and American roaches

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sentosa NBRR Practice Run 1

Joined the practice run at Sentosa. This will be the 2nd last practice session and I had expected quite a big crowd in view of the last 2 weeks race events. Met Shamrock, Johnny, Sandy and some of the regular runners from Running Lab as well. Alan was there as well but he was not running as he was nursing a fractured toe. The run was supposed to be divided into 3 groups – first group for 10k followed by the 2nd group for the 5k runners and thereafter all the remaining runners. As Roo and her friends had just arrived, GR, M and I stayed back and started with the last group. 8 minutes after the first group started, we were off. All of us are attempting the 10k distance – Roo and her friends are doing that distance for the first time ever.

The lead runner from the organizer was supposed to lead but he zoomed off straight away with the few front runners. I was running alone for the early part – too slow to catch up with the front and too fast for those behind. Reached the 1st km mark and checked that it was 6.41minutes. With the engine warmed up a bit, picked up the speed a little bit and caught up with 3 runners. Just before the slope to the satellite station, managed to catch up with the stragglers from the 1st batch. At this point, I was averaging 5.30 min per km and decided to maintain at this pace.

Passed more and more runners from the first group. Most of them probably started too fast and are now walking – shacked up by the slopes and heat. At the 5km check point before the start of the beach, checked and realized I had taken about 26 mins. Now come the tricky part - the sand. Moved immediately to the water edge but the slope were too steep and kept sliding towards the water. Not wanting to get my shoes wet, I moved up to the softer portion of the sand but it was hard work. Missed the 6km mark and when I reached the 7 km mark, I had taken 13.40mins for the sand portion. Good thing the sand part has been reduced due to ongoing reconstruction work at the beach. Instead we went up the multi-storey car park before going back down again. At the bicycle trail – the part I enjoyed the most – shady and windy and signifying the end – I slowed down to run with the Jewish guy from the RL run. Eventually he asked me to go ahead and I finished the run in 57min. Not bad for somebody who is not supposed to do any running.

Roo completed her first 10km in 1 hour 20min – a big leap from the first time when I ran with her and she could barely do 3km. I guess my ‘lor-sorness’ forced her to run to get away from me. Her friends also did well managing to finish despite not having run this distance before.

I’m pretty satisfied with my running. I felt good overall and there was no problem with the knees and I even felt I could have done faster if I wanted to. Now I having second thoughts again. Should I or shouldn’t I?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

5 Days Week

Finally - the last working Saturday for me. From 1 August onward, we going 5 days week. Whew - after waiting 2 over years the day has finally come.

Another day is looming - 29 August - that is the day I going under the knife. I have decided to just go ahead although friends' opinion are very much divided.

So bladdy siah. Originally was looking for the 5 days week so that I got 1 extra day to do my runs and now that has to be put on the shelf for time being.

Anyway, que sera sera, whatever will be will be

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mizuno Wave Run 2006

The 1st of my last 3 races for this year.

I felt like Rambo preparing for war - first a layer of Tiger Rub on both knees, than strapped on a patella strap on the left and the new Chiro-pac strap on the right knee. Inside the shoes were 2 newly acquired mouldable insole. Inside my head - my mind was wondering - Could I be able to complete it? Will I be forced to give up midway just like last Thursday at the RL run when I stopped after just 5 minutes of running. This time I will not be running for PB. This time I will be running against myself. If I can complete, I will be satisfied. Any thing else will be a bonus.

There was a good turnout. A lot of sgrunners. The race started sharp at 7.30 am. The initial run was at a pretty slow pace as I couldn't move past the crowd. But I was comfortable with the pace and the knees seem to be okay so I decided to stay at that pace. Sukami passed me and zoomed off. I hope he will come in top 10.

To my surprise, when I reached the 2.5km mark, my watch showed 10:07. I couldn't be that fast. I was running definitely at in my estimation 6 - 6.30 pace. Something must be wrong with the distance marker. Passed by a few other runners - Sandy, Flip and a few Safra runners whom I recognise but didn't know their name. Reached the 5km marker in 16:03 ha this seems more reasonable timing for a 2.5km at this pace. Total time so far on my watch: 26:11. The weather was good. Partly cloudy. Decided to skip the water points. Ran past Michael from SAFRA Tampines. Both of us ran catching each other before I moved off ahead. Went pass the Israeli guy from the RL run. He was walking. Called to him but he didn't seem to notice. Ran past Trackz. He was also walking. Encouraged him to push on. Reached the 7.5km mark. Time taken so far: 40:20. I was estactic. I was feeling good and running at a very consistent pace throughout. At this rate, I should finish under 1 hour - something that I dare not even hope for before I started. Than felt my right sole started to burn - must be the new insole. It is too high. I sm sure there must be a blister growing. Saw Dasher in front as usual listening to his IPOD. Caught up with him. Asked him to chiong the last few km. He mumbled something (what?) and moved ahead. I think he don't want this uncle nagging after him. Than Cosmic zoomed past - where did he came from? He is running very well. Taz came next. He inquired about my knees and than ran ahead. Contemplated running with him but decided there was no point. Brokie came along. Alamak, Dasher, Brokie and myself got stopped at the traffic light turning to Defu Lane. When we finally were allowed to run, Dasher dashed off. I decided to tailgate Brokie discreetly and admire her sexy behind (ha ha). And so it was like that all the way till the end. Total time according to my watch 54:14 not as good as last year but still something I didn't expect.

Waited at the finishing line for the rest of the gang to come in. Saw Karen (GR) first than Kick finishing strongly. M came next. I'm so proud of her. Her first 10k race and she finished in a time of 1:06:40 much better than I expected.

The VRP girls and Silencer we went for the famous beef kway teow - only it wasn't so nice. Turned out Michelle's hushand runs in the Animiles and knows a few of the sgrunners. What a small world!

Met M's uncle. He finished 12th in the men's veteran in a time of 43min. I am so impressed. As usual, tried to jio him to join sgrunners. He will be doing the AHM. Hopefully, will see him there again.

Next - the NB Real Run.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

End of Running?

I have 2 choices - to operate or not to operate. If not to operate, I can continue running as long as there is no pain but my knee will give out probably in half the remaining life span. If don't run - it will last slightly longer but will still need surgery sooner or later.

If to operate, the surgeon is not even confident that he can repair it. He said if he opens it up and he can repair he will do it, if not he will just remove the broken fragments and stitch it back. Either way, I should achieve normal movement in my leg but if I go running intensively, it's not going to last long either.

Like that how? to operate or not to operate?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Shape Run 2006

Ah - The Shape Run 2006 - the man don't get it!

The first woman only run in Singapore and there were women galore - in all shape and sizes. It's enough to send all men salivating and going weak in the knees. This has got to be a the best sight for sore eye and an absolute nightmare for the mcp.How to describe the sight? How to describe the run? No words can do justice to do. Let the pictures be the witness:

More pictures at my Yahoo! photos

Saturday, July 15, 2006

World Harmony Run 2

Another World Harmony Run. I still remember the first one where we ran 37 km over 8 hours. That's was hell and agony but still it was fun... so despite my worry that my legs may not last me for so many hours, I decided to sign up and duly turned up at Hong Kah North CC at 11.00 am. This time round there was a smaller turnout probably because of the short notice and the many races coming up within the next few weeks and notably the Shape Run the next day. As seem to be normal nowadays, the participants were mainly from SGRunners - I wonder why the organiser never go and chio the MR 25, Safra and the schools and clubs?

Our first stop was the Masjid Darussalam Mosque in Clementi. There we had a rousing welcome from the Mosques with kompangs followed by singing by the adorable little kids. This has got to be the best reception we have gotten so far.

Our next stop was at Tanglin - the Grace Assembly of God. Disappointingly, nobody seems to be around to greet us. Eventually, a church elder or the pastor came out and gave a short welcome and prayer. I guess the churches do not like the reputation of Sri Channoy the founder of the World Harmony Run and are not too enthusiastic about it.

A short run and we reached Orchard Rd - the first time I'm running there. Our tired spirits are lifted by the enthusiasm shown by the people along the road especially from the tourists. The Lido management even played the WHR video on their mega screen. This stretch certainly lifted everybody up.

From Scotts Rd, we went on next to the Khaisa Dharmak Sabha sikh temple. Again, a very warm welcome by the temple trustees. We had to put on scarves to enter the temple but once in we were served fruits and a heavenly milk tea. That was so refresing and I am sure it perked everybody up.

From there a 2 minute run uphill to another Sikh temple along Sophia Road, the Sri Guru Singh Sabha. There was a short prayer by the priest and than we had bandung and vadai.

We proceeded next to Serangoon Rd - the Veeramakaliamman Temple. Again another rousing welcome by the temple. The tempo of the drum lifted everybody and we charged off full of energy to our final stop.

At the Tai Pei Buddhist Centre on Lavendar St, after prayer and blessings by the monks, we were served vitagen drinks. Hmm yummy and than it was off to the last stop the Esplanade.

On reflections, the world really need peace and harmony and if in a small way this run can helps to contribute to it - the efforts of all the runners will be worth it. Especially kudos to Shamrock despite falling right at the very beginning outside the Singapore Poly; the Uncle who ran with us until Scotts Rd; Hyperactive who really lives up to her name by boucing all over and the very loud bus driver and helpers with their overwhelming support.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The results are out - nope not of the World Cup which everybody from Germany to the Souh Pole probably know by now but the results of my MRI scan and it's bad news.

There is a misalignment of the meniscus on the outer right knee resutling in the femur not sitting properly on the tibia. This is what caused my inability to straighten the leg. According to Dr Chia, this was probably due to some trauma sustain from a fall or something serious quite long ago and did not fully recovered since than. Er I don't seem to remember anything like that though. Anyway, the MRI also shows there is a fragment right in the middle of the joint which is causing the inflamation.

So next week I have to see an Orthopaedic surgeon who will decide whether I have to go for surgery. Dr Chia thinks I have to. He likened it to a road with 1 pothole. If not repaired early, eventually the pothole will grow bigger and bigger as vehicles go over it. Likewise, if no surgery is done, the knee will become weaker and weaker.

So it looks like I going to be out of running for some time and the AHM will be my swansong for this year (if the doctor permits).

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bio-Energy Test

Went for a Bio-Energy Test at Vitamin Research with the Mrs.

What is the Bio-Energy Test? According to the write up, bio-energy test (BET for short) measures energy production. A decrease in energy production is the first step in the onset of disease and aging.

After a torturous 12 hours of fasting, reached the office of the famous Vitamin girls. There, I was attended to by our very own Megahunk aka IMD aka Ben. After putting on the heart rate strap, I sat down on a very cushy sofa set (yo.. ladies ask your boss to change to OSIM massage chair can relax more) for the very first test - Resting Heart Rate. Had to suck on a scuba like thingy and breath in and out through it instead of the nose. Damm uncomfortable and nauseating. After 10 minutes, Ben returned and explained the figures on the monitor to me. (Note he pointed out and explained - will come back to this point later). Then it was on to the stationery bicycle still wearing the breathing apparatus. The resistance was increased until I hit the VO2 limit (whatever that is). It took me 10 minutes to achieve that. Then another 2 minutes of 'recovery breathing' and on to the final test - the lung capacity test. Alamak, guess I got no lung power - no power how I try - still cannot do it. In the end, after numerous tries until the face turns blue and the lung or whatever is inside me burst, Ben gave up.

Finally, I can have my first cup of coffee! Wrong.. for some unexplainable reasons, the computer failed to capture my resting heart rate reading. Strange thing right ? remember Ben pointed and explained the reading to me earlier on?? Anyway, they stopped me from drinking my coffee to redo that part.. wah can die. So weak already. This time Karen aka Golden Retriever did the test. She also decided to redo the lung test again. No dice.. maybe I am an alien - got no lung. Breath through gills. Anyway, that still didn't work and after another few attempts of huffing and puffing, she gave up as well. Come to think of it.. is that why I can never blow a balloon?

The results and what they mean:

Resting heart Rate - indicates how efficiently the heart is pumping. Acceptable range 55 - 72 Me? 52 acceptable if I am a highly conditioned athlete (am I?) or sign of thyroid deficiency, adrenal deficiency:(

Resting respiratory rate
- measures chest wall breathing how efficiently one breath and easily relax. Inefficient way of breathing will results in decreased energy production and often causes feelings of anxiety. Acceptable range - < 10. Me? 21 very bad. Is that why I don't know how to relax?

Breathing Factor
- measures the amount of carbon dioxide present towards the end of exhaled breath. Optimum range: 100 - 115. Me 114 heng ah at last something within the acceptable range but on the high side. Relates to resting meaning I cannot rest well.

Adrenal Factor
- I think this one measure 'stress' level. Acceptable >100. Me lucky 105 ha ha

Heart Factor - Measures how strong is the heart. Acceptable range >100. Me 135 yeah!

Lung Factor
- Measures how strong the heart. Acceptable range >100. Me? got no lung remember? 0 for this :(

Body Composition Analysis - body Fat I think. Ideal weight for my height 67 - 72 kg. My weight 72.5kg but hor if I go down to 67, I think sure become skeleton. Better stay above 72. Body Fat me 17. So now got 3 set of body weight measurement 13 from CGH, 22 from SATA and now 17 from here. Which one is the real one??????

Fitness Factor
- tells how well the body convert energy to power. Optimum >100 Me? 93 alamak no wonder cannot carry heavy weights!

Optimum Caloric Intake/Fat Loss & Optimum Caloric Intake/Longevity - supposed to work out ideal calorie intake based on my test results but mysteriously again the computer clonked out on me or I alien no need calorie intake because the report came out with O(zero).

Metabolic Factor
- measure energy production at rest and overall metabolism. Ideal 100 - 120. Me? 97 not so good leh.

- this one serious stuff - if result no good means carbo intake is interfering with energy production and can subsequently leads to diabetes (am I correct ladies?) Acceptable range >100. Me? 86. So I supposed to cut down on bread, rice, bananas, pineapple, raisins, melons, mango, papaya,fruit juice, sweet stuff including honey, and everything ending with a 'ose', root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, beer and wines. Errr like that I think I will starve to death everything also cannot eat.

Fat Burning Factor - how efficiently the body convert fat to energy. Optimum >100. Me? 170 yeah yeah! No wonder I so skinny.

EQ - Energy Quotient not emotional quotient. measures maximum amount of energy the body can produce aerobically from oxygen. good is above 100. Me- 140 high five!

Biological Age
- Based on the test - how old biologically instead of chronologically. like that I am a 30 year old man in the body of a 43 year old man (or is it the other way round?) For this, I can go to to find out as well.

Last but not least - Fat Burning Heart Rate - rate at which the body burns the max amount of fat possible. based on the test. This combines with ATR (Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate) will give the idea optimum exercise zone. For me it is FBHR 120 and ATR 135. If I exercise at this rate, I think I will take 4 days to finish a marathon.

Anyway, I am amazed at the amount of information the test can generated from just breathing into a stupid apparatus. Still it is useful information and a good indication of one's health and fitness level.

Now for the commercial:

If you have a little bit of money to spare instead of chunking it on whether Italy or France will win, why not spend it on the test. Benefits:

1. You get to know your body better
2. You can take the necessary measures to improve your fitness level
3. You can find out whether you are an alien like me
4. You get to be manhandled by the beautiful ladies at VR (you can pretend you don't know how to wear the heart rate strap and get the ladies to do it for you - er sorry ladies, according to the rule, Megahunk is not allowed to do that for the ladies, unless you are a certain lady from our friendly neighbouring country)

Finally, I like to thank the beautiful ladies of VR and one megahunk for being so patient with me this lorsoh and naggy uncle.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Cup Final

Wah lau - my soccer prediction skills sucks first time! Germany out, Argentina out, Brazil out.. France I tipped to go out first round is now in the final with Italy whom I tipped to go out in the Quarter final.

I think I better stick to running!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Went CGH for a MRI on my knee this morning. Heard a lot about the process but nobody seems to be able to say more except that it involves going into a dark coffin like chamber with weird sounds coming from all over. Kind of like being buried underground and hearing the thud of the hammer and people talking above. Naturally I was feeling a bit uneasy. Also all the other people I knew who went for MRI are all for cancer or stroke related problems.

It didn't help that I had to strip down to my underwear and wear the hospital gown. Alamak, I doing my knees so why need to change? I had purposely wore a running short but no dice - change I must. After a short wait, I was called to the room.

There is this big machine - sort of like a giant pipe. The radiographer or whatever he's called arranged the 'props' and asked me to lie down and not move. The whole thing was going to take about 15 minutes since it was only a partial scan and not the full 1 hour as per the brochure. He fired up the machine and it moves in. There I going into darkness! But the machine stopped at my waist level. Turn out since I doing only the leg, I don't have to go in all the way. Yipee. Then all the funny sounds started. Whirring, thumping and cranking. The music playing on the earphone they provided didn't help and it was in Filipino! After 5 minutes, I started to feel sleepy. I can sleep anywhere:) but before I can settle into a comfortable sleep, it was over and I am $352.00 poorer. Lucky got blood transfustion discount.

Now got to wait until next Monday to see what the good Doc got to say about my knee

Monday, July 03, 2006

Milk Run 2006

Went with the Mrs for the Milk Run. Didn't know what I was getting myself into when I signed up for it. On paper it was just a 8.4km run and in very familiar Kim Seng Promenade. Turned out to be one of the toughest run I ever did all because of the heat. It was hot, probably a ice melting 38 deg.

At the very cramped start point, met many many sgrunners. We squeezed together and went off at 3.30 pm sharp. As the park connector was barely 3 people wide, it was a squeeze but slowly the crowd dispersed as the fitter runners went ahead. Ronnie, Run3, TLR all zoomed past me. I ran at what I thought was a fast pace but after 10 minutes was gasping for breathe. The heat plus my lack of hard run during the past 3 weeks shows. I slowed down considerably to almost jogging pace and watched as people of all shapes and sizes zoomed past. After the first u-turn, stopped to take a drink - something I have never done for short run. It just showed how much the heat was affecting me. Turning back, the school kids on the 5km run started zooming past. Wow to be young again with all that energy! Took another drink at the same drinking point before continuing. 2 drink stop in a 8km run. I can't believe myself! Further down outside Clark Quay saw a lady being stretchered off. Just 500 min towards the end point, a guy was lying down. Guess the heat was really getting to everybody. Finished the race in 45:38m(self timed) which I thought was pretty decent.

At the end point, met many more sgrunners plus some runners from RL. Main grouse was the poor checkpoint control resulting in some runners doing only 1 loop. On the other hand, other than the Milo truck which ran out early, there was H20 aplenty and mineral water and countless banana! There was even a massage tent. Unfortunately the services was so good that they took 20 minutes to rundown 1 guy and in the end I gave up queuing.

M came in 1hr 1m 35s. Her very first race. I so proud of her. Now's she talking about doing the NB Real Run. Ha.. the adreline rush, the euphoria of finishing never fails to work wonder!

Next up - the Mizuno Wave.

Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Quarter final

Germany against Argentina. 2nd round prediction 100% spot on. For this game, everybody said 50:50. Likewise but I pick Germany for home ground advantage.

England against Portugal. This one I guessed wrong. England overcame Eucador with a kick from Golden Balls. (I hope nobody slided into his vomit though). Portugal played out a nice win over Holland (yes!) and will prevail over England unless Golden Balls shows his balls again:)

Italy vs Ukraine. As expected. 2 boring teams and another boring game coming up. Ukraine is underdog and I think they will upset a Italy that is beseiged with problems

France and Brazil. Surprised Spain lost to a team of botaks and old man. The French have exceeded my expectation so far but only until tomorrow and than they go home.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup 2nd Round

First round over - let's see my prediction chooi or not:-


Grp A: Germany & Ecuador
Outcome: 100% spot on + Germany to beat Sweden and go all the way to the final (if they don't meet Argentina in the Quarterfinal)!

Grp B: England & Sweden
Outcome: Perfect score again. England draw with Ecuador and loose on penalty (ha ha)

Grp C: Argentina & Ivory Coast
Outcome: 50% right - surprised Holland managed to put through. Argentina sure to beat Mexico and meet Germany in the quarter final. Holland to get dump by Portugal

Grp D: Portugal & Mexico
Outcome: All correct again. Portugal will go on to Quarterfinal

Grp E: Italy & Czec
Outcome: 50% wrong - Both teams are a big disappointment. Italy should beat Australia (who have been lucky so far). Ghana against Brazil? Sure no fight

Grp F: Brazil & Croatia
Outcome: Another 50%. Brazil to go all the way to the final

Grp G: Switzerland & South Korea
Outcome: Poor Korea. All of Asia's hope was on them. Anyway, France is so koyak this year sure loose to Spain. Switzerland half fight against Ukraine. Ukraine to prevail.

Grp H: Spain & Ukraine
Outcome: 100%

Friday, June 23, 2006

Botak Head

Just realised almost the entire French team are botak. This plus the Africans, the Brazilian.. Hmmm am I missing something? Power to the botakhead? Classic example - our very own TLR! One of the fastest runner I ever see!

Told the family I thinking of doing it. M said I will look like a 'kana' ball, Alicia laughed so much she rollled on the floor. Alvin the ungrateful boy said don't go near him when outside! What type of family is this! Never support their own man. Think of the money saved on haircut, shampoo, hair dye...

So .... this is how I look :) What do you people think?

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Surprise Surprise Surprise. Came home from work today to a big surprise. Somebody had delivered a medal to me. I had actually came in 3rd for the Farrer Park Aquathlon Challenge. This is really like wow! Totally unexpected.

On race day itself, at the registration counter when I saw there was only 10 participants in my event category, I was like this time die sure malu and finish last. Sure enough, I was the last one of out the pool and to make it worse, I was in the last wave and literally the last man out. So paiseh!

I knew I didn't finish last in the end because I overtook about 5 runners. But I wasn't going all out either on account of my knee and the heavy rain. So 3rd out of 10 is still totally unexpected and this being my first multi-discipline event.

Must really treasure this medal becos I don't think there will be any repeat ever again!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Physio again

Went to CGH for physio. Didn't get Derek this time. Instead got a lady from Hongkong. Didn't seem very experience. But anyway nice to have a lady touch me all over, even if it's just the legs:). Got me to do the usual leg exercises. Pretty well left me alone to do all the squats, lunges, etc. For that I pay $67? Might as well just go to the gym and do it for free. Lucky company paying for all this.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

World Cup 2006

It's the World Cup and this year I'm catching a record number of games on TV. Yeah!

Like all the gurus and experts out there, I going to stick out my neck and predict the teams for the 2nd round:

Germany, Eucador, England, Sweden, Argentina, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Portugal, Czech, Italy, Brazil, Croatia, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine.

Which of the favourites did I left out? France - why becos they sucks. Fell asleep last night watching them played the Swiss.

Also, anybody noticed? - 4 years ago, it was blonde or gold hair - this time round the trend seems to be botak - Brazil got Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo(look much better than the silly china boy hair the last time round) and a few others, France got Zindane, Henry, Barthez and the list go on. Maybe botak head - less weight - therefore can run and head better - hmmm maybe I should also go botak - at least than don't have to worry about the greying white hair

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Curse of a Zillion Ants

Arrgh, I being cursed!

It all started on Tuesday. At home, Alicia asked why my body was so red. Closer examination shows patches of rashes all over - like mini goosepimples. No wonder I was scratching myself the whole day. My colleagues must have thought I didn't bath for many many days or the Monkey god had possessed me.

M said it must be the medicine from CGH. Checked the label on the packet of Diclofenac in the office the next day and true enough it says: "IF RASHES APPEAR, STOP THE MEDICINE & CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY". So I call Dr Chia and he gave me new medicine to replace.

So the last Diclofenac I took was on Wednesday - than why am i still feeling like a zillion trillon ants are crawling all over me 2 days after it?

Monday, June 05, 2006

To the Doctor

Finally went to see the doc at Changi Sports Medicine Centre.

Took 3 x-rays and 1 ultrasound.

The verdict?

1) Wear and tear of the joints thus causing the stiffness.
2) Growth on one of the joint thus causing the inflamation.

Gave me 1 month supply of glucosamine and something to reduce the swelling. Unfortunately taking this will cause gastric so also gave me medicine for gastric. Yuck!

Good news is since there is no pain, he said can continue to run but cut down by half the weekly mileage. Since doing only about 30km a week nowadays - how to cut down some more? Also no running on hill (especially downhill) so that means no MacRichite and Pierce. Also to try and run only on threadmill. Like that might as well ask me not to run!

Also got to do physio again! That one maycham like torture chamber.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Not working yeserday so decided to go for a short run at Sentosa with M.

Wanted to do the run for 3 reasons:
1. To see whether the knee is fully recovered
2. To try out the Nathan fuel belt got last month
3. To familiarise M with the 10k RR route

1st objective - the knee seems okay. No pain, no discomfort. Maybe will cancel the appointment on Monday. Objective met.

2nd objective - the fuel belt - quite comfortable although with 4 fully filled bottles seems to add up to a lot of lot. But no bounce and after some time didn't notice it. Next to try it out on a longer route.

3rd objective - Started at the covered car park at Palawan beach. On the way up to the Satelite, M tripped over a concrete drain cover and had a tumble. That effectively ended the run. Now she got her first running trophy - 2 in fact... 2 big ugly bruises on her right arm. Plucky girl though, she managed to run back to the start point another 2 km away. Total distance covered - 6km. Mission aborted.

Palawan Beach

The revamped at Palawan beach is nearly completed. The place is now first class esp the toilet. Got a food court, 7-11, 3 restaurants and a absolutely fabulous toilet. There are uncountaable showers - open air, closed with all sorts of shower heads. Fantastic. Go check it out!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Nike Shoe Review

So far tried 3 different pair of Nike shoes:-

Nike Skylon -

What attracted me to try it? The bright colour (yellow and blue) plus it was the only pair available in my size.

Felt alright at first but when started running, it moves up and down. Also didn't feel like it could absorb the impact. Guess cushioning not too good.

Will I recommend it? Only if you want people to see your foot when running in the dark:)

Nike Air Pegasus (tried twice) -

What attracted me to try it? Again becos it was the only pair available in my size

First time round - didn't get to really tried it out as I was doing slow jog. 2nd time round got a chance to 'cheong' in it and it was able to absorb the impact well. Really felt quite good about it at the end.

Will I recommend it? Actually very tempted to buy it myself but sayang it is a Nike:)

Nike 360

What attracted me to try it - Heard alot about it. So die die must try.

Interesting thing is the Nike promo guys actually warned me not to try and told me I will be disappointed. It felt bouncy (is that good or bad?) and when I ran in it, it couldn't cushion the impact. My soles were hurting like hell towards the end part of the run. Maybe there was a air leak?

Will I recommend it? - Only if you want to stylo milo in it.