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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Busy Day

Sunday was an extremely long day.

6.00 Woke up. After a light breakfast (2 bananas, 1 char siew pau and 1 milo), ran to East Coast Park. Trying out my new Ascis GT2110 - just bought yesterday. Laced the right leg too tight. Felt pain on the arch after a short distance. Stopped at Upp Changi Road East and loosen the lace. Ah much better. Reached East Coast Park in 35 minutes. Shit - the coins have come loose again! Last time the coins in my back pocket somehow all went into the seams of the trouser and move from left to right round the bottom. This time, put them in a plastic and the stupid plastic bag got to burst! Boh pian, stopped at MacDonald where the sgrunners had gathered, to fish them out. By the time came out of the toilet, the sgrunners had started off. Quite a big turn out today. Caught up with them. Along the way, saw Sam and his friends getting ready for the Duathlon. Gentle and Mrs Gentle (I presume) was also cycling there. Ben cycled by and said hello. Ran until Fort Road before u-turn. Broked off from the sgrunners at Bayshore underpass and returned to Simei. Reached Simei at 9.08 which means I have been running for about 2hours 40 minutes. Distance of 25km. Better than the last time I ran this route which took me 2.58. This time faster a bit probably cos weather was good. Still for 25km, should have just taken 2.30 and not more! Need to improve on speed!

9.30 After cool down went upside. Alicia ran up and whispered "Mum in a bad mood". Apparanently, Mother took her mobile by mistake. Sigh! There goes my rest. Took a fast shower, grab 2 more paus and drove down to Moulmein Rd. Luckily the prayer session haven't start yet. Managed to change phone with Mother. Then rush back before the Mrs goes out. Ha - she still at home. Peace at last.

10.45 Sent Alvin for his Chinese tutition class. Enjoyed the time alone with him as we can chit chat. Kids grow up so fast nowadays. Most of the time spent in front of the tv. Never communicate any more. In the car, cannot escape. Must answer back. He said the tutition teacher expects him to get distinction for his chinese exam in school. Footnote: Half his class including him failed the exam! So the tutition teacher is lousy or what!

12.45 Returned to pick him up and went over to Tampinese for lunch. Got weird nasi lemak. Hate eating there nowadays. The old man will keep telling everybody to eat this, eat that as if we are 2 years old kids and some of the food are simply unedible! No choice - once a week ritual just got to tahan.

2.00 Went to Science Centre for the Star Wars Exhibition. Brought Edmund and Amily along. Bloody tickets so ex. $79 for 6 of us! Somemore what a let down! No Han Solo, Yoda, Leia, Luke, JJ Binks, Obi-wan. Only consolation was they allowed photograph so took a lot of photographs. But no flash allowed so photos didn't turn out too well. More on the Stars Wars and photos at my yahoo! 360 and yahoo! photos

6.30 Decided to eat char kway teow. Went down to Margaret Drive. Alamak, the stall not opened. In fact very few stalls opened. Switched over to Tiong Bahru. Craving for Char kway teow still there. Decided to try the Koh Brothers Char Kway Teow. Me think the Koh Brothers shld stick to their pig organ soup. The char kway teow tastes like left over pig intestines!

9.00 Home sweet home. Wanted to go and sleep straight away. Then remembered this is the night Utd plays Wigan in the League Cup final. Hoped Wigan can beat the Devils. No such luck. Mafia wannabe Rooney scored 1 goal in the first half and that was it - I knew Wigan would not be able to come back. Went to sleep after the 1st half. True enough - Wigan kena 4-0.

11.45 Bed and rest at last!

Monday, February 20, 2006

This Week

This is the 2nd day of my 'five days' run. I usually avoid running on consecutive day but somehow this week the run seems to all pile up. Yesterday, did the usual Sunday run but at Pierce Res. Invited Cosmic and Bee along. Sebas came but becos he just recovered from his injury, he ran a shorter distance.

Today is supposed to be rest day but since it's Alicia's birthday, we took leave and in the morning while the kids were at school, the Mrs and me went to MacRitchie. She didn't want to run alone so I had to abandon plan to run the MR 25tt route and instead went the 11km route. The landslide still there. There was a detour which involves the board walk coming down from the tree top trail. Yucks. The Mrs not bad - she managed to run until the zigzag bridge b4 stopping. She improving. Can sign her up for the half soon.

Tomorrow, there will be a training session for the staff participating in the JP Morgan Corporate Chase. Some other are coming also and most of them probably can't even run 2 km. Will not be much of a workout so in order not to waste the effort of lugging the shoes and all down, have decided after that session, to join the CBD run.

3rd run on Wednesday is supposed to be interval training at Tampines Stadium. Not too sure whether this one will be on - if not can take a break and go gym otherwise will do a 6 x 400 interval.

Running Lab run is on Thur - this one must go since the Mrs like the company of the Vitamin girls.

So 5 runs on 5 consecutive days.

Probably 1 gym session on Friday, rest on Saturday and 1 LSD for this Sunday.

3 more weeks to go b4 the Temple Run so these will be good training.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


I'm so glad I forced myself to stay up even though I finished a 23km run earlier and had to chaffeur the family around until 11pm or I will be kicking myself.

Chelsea is finally beaten and not by Man U, Liverpool or Arsenal but a team fighting off relegation - Middlesborough! And not by 1 goal but 3 solid goals with no reply!

I loved the look on Mourinho's face whenever Boro put in the goals. Where is the smugness now? And what happened to the player with the hokkien vulgar name? Yessir - Mr Frank Lampard? And the ever reliable John Terry?

It's good for Chelsea to lose but realistically, the other teams behind them are all so screwed up that there is no way they can catch up not even if Chelsea will to lose all their remaining games. Liverpool threw away 3 points when they lost to Charlton mid week. Man U is so bladdy cocked up even if the title is theirs to take they will probably hand it on a silver platter to Chelsea. Arsenal? No way for a one man team to do it.

So it will still be Chelsea for the title but it's good to see some team put Mourinho in his place every now and then!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MR25 TT Practice 3

Went to MR again this morning for practice number 3. Reached there at 9 am. The sun already up. Lots of Hwa Chong students there for their x-country.

Decided not to start so fast this time. But barely 5 minutes into the first run, must have disturbed a pair of monkeys making out cos before I knew what happened, was hit by a bunch of falling branches. Luckily, by a stroke of miracle, none of them hit my head - all landed on my back and shoulder. Momentarily stunned, I paused for a while to shrug off the branches before continuing. But the pace was affected and reached the u-turn point in 12 min 37 sec, way off mark. By then morale was low. With no pacer and few runners in sight to do 'catching up', and especially while going up the 2 slopes, the mind keep telling me to forget it and walk - sure cannot finish within 25 mins. But somehow managed to find a last burst of energy and eventually finished in 25m 01s. Surprising even better than the previous run.

Maybe my instinct was right - not to start too fast but rather to start slower and power up later.

Did 1 more recovery run at a slow pace finishing in 31m 01s. Afternoon, got physio hopefully this will be the last session.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Demoralising Run

Went for what Gentle called 'the Demoralising Run' along Changi Coast Rd yesterday morning. Expected only Gentle, Brokie, Kelly and myself only but in the end Bee, Cosmic and Mr & Mrs Sotong also came along.

It was very windy at Changi Beach. We started off in high spirit running slowly along the bicycle track all the way to the Ferry Terminal where we moved on to the road. Traffic was much lighter than expected. In fact, there were more cyclists than cars. It seems like the whole family of cyclists from the Trifam were there including very young kids cycling up and down the road. We also bumped into SC5 or rather he bumped into us. Everybody seems to recognise Brokie! There were also a fair bit of roadkill - lizard etc

Anyway, we ran until the Changi Airport Fire station where some of the runners turned back and Brokie, Cosmic, Sotong and myself continued for another approximately 1.5 km. All the way, I was trailing Brokie. She can really run fast! Now I know why they call her the Kenyan runner.

We finished about the same time as the first group of runners in about 1hr 35m. About 6.30 pace.

Overally, definitely not a demoralising run. Only thing is could have preferred to run to SAFRA if time permitted.