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Saturday, August 13, 2005

A Story of Two Ladies

I read the story of Margaret Wong (Today Newspaper 8 August 2005) with interest. At 63, she has completed 10 marathons, 1 triathlon, is able to climb 20 floors of stairs, cycles from Bishan to Pasir Ris and is now going to cycle 620 km to KL. I really really salute her! And to think that she started all these only in her 40s and appear to be picking gear as she grows older.

Appearing in the same newspaper on the same day, is another senior citizen, Sally Wong (no relation I guess?). Looking fairly healthy judging from her picture, she speaks of loneliness, not having some one to interact with and appears to be looking for a social group to fit in.

What a contrast! Here we have 2 senior citizens of the same sex and around the same age. One appears to be enjoying life to the max while the other appears to be moping away maybe just waiting for her time to come. Maybe the newspaper should put the 2 ladies together!

So what's causes the difference? I suppose it is the attitude towards life. No one owes you a living and certainly nobody is going to come after you picking up the pieces for you or just standing there waiting to serve you. You have to reach out and grab what you want.

And that's what Margaret Wong did - she didn't just stop and forget the idea when her son refused to let her join him on his mountain climbing expedition. Instead, she reach out and achieved what she wants for herself.

And that has to be the way for me, you and everybody else who wants to have a better quality of life!

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