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Friday, August 26, 2005

Where are our good salesman?

The other day - registered for the Mizuno Wave Run at the Downtown East World of Sports.

The service was acceptable. The salesman was attentive when I said I wanted to sign up. He than volunteered that there was a 40% discount on Mizuno shoes valid only on the day of registration. 40% why not? So I asked the guy - which shoe he recommend for long distance running.

That's was when all the headache starts. He picked up the first pair and said 'This is new' So I asked him whether it was suitable for me. Instead of replying, he picked up another pair and said this one also not bad. He continued with a few more pairs each time showing me how much money I will be saving on the 40% discount. Finally, I told him I will get my current Mizuno shoes from my car and show him what I need. He took one look and said 'old model' pick up another pair and told me it cost only $97+ after discount. Fadup but still keen to buy a new pair, told him to get me any one in my size US11.5. He came back with 2 different pair both size 11 and told me no more size 11.5 try 11. Then I asked him what's the difference between the 2. His answer - I quote "This one got 2 holes at the side but this one only 1' Asked him what the holes were for and he looked at me blank! Finally, I told him to get any pair of size 11.5 and he finally came back with a Mizuno Maverick.

My grouse - our sport sales personnel in Singapore are all totally lacking in training. They don't even know how to look at foot type, know which shoes is for which type of running - they just want to close the deal! It was the same at a Sportslink outlet at Eastpoint the last time I tried to buy a pair of shoes. When asked to recommend - the pretty little salesgirl recommended a pair of Nike. Her basis for the recommendation? She was wearing the same shoe!

I think sporting goods outlet should trained their sales staff well instead of trying to cut cost and employ parttimers who don't know the difference between trail and tracks.

For me, I think it's back to good old Queensway where most of the proprietor are personally running the outlet and have good knowledge gained from their year of experience.

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  1. Pls lah. Give people a chance. I went to Queensway and wanted to buy a pair of shoes but their service are very lousy. They also could not give me the right shoes.
    I went to World of Sports and RSL and they gave me excellence service and good recommendations. I think you are really 'suay'.