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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Went for another session of physiotheraphy. Met Kickjazz there and had a short chat with her. She had some shin bone fracture and calves pain for some time now. Her physio is the new girl Jennifer who replaced my physio Megan. This is Kick's third session and she was saying that she could do all the exercises herself and didn't think the sessions was benefiting her.

It sounded so familiar. I too was thinking along this line way back in January this year when I first started physio. After a few sessions, I felt I was getting nowhere and was just paying for a personal trainer. So I quitted when there was no pain after I switched to a new pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, when the knee problems began, I had no choice but to go back. Then Megan took me through many physio sessions to strenghten the leg in preparation for the surgery. Even Jo, my oestopath advised me to continue the session as he felt my recovery would be faster if I managed to strengthen the leg through the session. Then after the operation, the physio was absolutely necessary to get the leg back into shape and strengthen it so that I can run better in future (or at least that's what the Doc said).

Anyway, through all these months, I have learnt a lot from the physio and the friendly trainers. In the process, I have also learnt to do many different type of exercises that I didn't find in the books. As a result, according to Megan before she got transferred, my progress is faster than normal despite my massive multi-injuries. Right now, Derek is pushing me to work harder so that I can bend my leg all the way.

So my opinion of the physio sessions has changed. And for those with real serious problems, I would advise to continue with the sessions. But than again, for those with one off pain and not some long term injury, may be a visit to a chinese sinseh should suffice.

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