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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CBD 1st Anniversary Run

Although not a regular runner there, the CBD run has always been special to me as I was the first one to moot it in the forum. Unfortunately, due to problem over finding a place to store our barang, it died a natural death until Kops (nka Little Tigger) resurrected it later. He solved the problem by volunteering his car as a mobile store room and on those days that he couln't make it, Tiwazz sacrificed his run and stayed to jaga the barang.

So when it came to its 1st anniversary, how can I miss it? The turnout was humongous. I gave up counting after reaching 20 and there was so many new faces. We ran the original 6km route (more like 7km) led by Little Tigger and swept by Tiwazz (just like the good old days) at I think a slow pace of 7.30 - 8.00min/km? That was the warm up though for what was to come - the feast! It was a potluck session with each runner contributing a bit and a anniversary cake contributed by Tiwazz. I think everybody stuffed themselves full and gain back + more whatever calories lost during the run. There was gift too - a personalised bookmark and a calendar card (thank you (whoever made the bookmark) and Sotong for the photocalendar card).

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  1. glad to run with you yesterday. Welcome back to running...:)