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Sunday, January 14, 2007

InterCon Road Run 2006/2007

Went to Temasek Poly to support the Changi-Simei team in the Inter-Con Road Run. Was surprised to meet a few sgrunners there. Had not expected to see any as there was only a few posts in the forum about this race. Bummed into Terence first. He and his wife are representing Kreta Ayer. Then Mighty Joe running for Yew Tee. Puay Hern was there also - not running but managing the team from Serangoon. Then there was Brokie and Vincent running for Pasir Ris and finally Tiger (yes ladies - that Tiger:)) with his colourful short in the Clementi team.

The race was divided into Men's Open, Men's Veteran and Ladies. The winning team will be based on the finishing position of the team with the best finishing position from 4 men open, 1 man vet and 1 ladies. Apparanently, the prize money was a cool $2,500.00 for team and $250.00 for each runner. No wonder, top runner like Jaafar was present as well!

The Men's Open was flagged off first by MP Ong Kian Ming who was also participating in the Men's Veteran. The 1st runner came in a solid time of 19+ mins for the 5.6km distance. Goh Lean Seng from my Changi-Simei (who I thought was already a damn solid runner - he did 3:17hrs in last year marathon) was totally outclassed coming in unplaced in 21+min. Both Mighty Joe and Terrence did well to finished in around 23min with Mighty Joe about 1 minute ahead of Terence.

The Men's Veteran and Ladies was flagged off after the men's came back. This time Jaafar as expected came in first. My sifu, BC came back in 23min+. Next to come in was Vincent followed closely by Brokie. M came back in 27m+ her fastest time ever for a 5km run.

Heard that the next one will be in July. Hopefully, by than I will be ready to take part.

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