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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Drop off M for a lunch appt and had some time to kill b4 picking her up. Went over to Safra Mt Faber for a swim.

Decided to test myself for the 1.5k. Still thinking of doing the bia if I can meet the qualifying time.

1st 10 laps breaststroke 15:08m. Great.
Next 10 laps switched to freestyle. This one not so great. Need to stop to catch breathe every lap. Time taken: 21:02. Gone cannot meet the timing requirement liao.
Final 10 laps. Swim alternate breaststroke/free. At the 25th lap, time up 45:08. Finished the set in 16:53.
Total time taken: 53:31. 8 m 31s off the qualifing time.

Maybe if I just stick to the breaststroke, got chance? Sigh, got to practice more and try next year. Otherwise go there and malu only.

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