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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

60 Seconds

60 seconds or 1 minute

Very insignificant when going about our daily lives BUT

A 1 minutes difference in pace every km works out to a 10 minutes slower run for a 10km run; 20 minutes for a 20k....etc

1 minute difference - so minuscule by itself but running at 5km/6km/7km pace for 10 minutes - that 1 minute is dramatically magnified

Sigh.. how to bridge the gap?


  1. You face the same problem? I am really frustrated with myself over the same issue.

  2. There is always this desire to run faster and faster but it can be frustrating building up the process gradually. I am a bit impatient and want to push through with this portion of training in as short time as possible but... The tricky part is knowing how to do it gradually to avoid injury and burnout and this takes time...... back to square 1:(

  3. we are not growing younger each day. do be careful as we tread on thin line on push the body beyond the limit.