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Monday, June 25, 2007

Mad Dash Home

10.05 am Set off from hotel in happy mood to go airport. Flight is at 12.05

Stopped to put petrol. The machine refuses to take my credit card. The attendant didn't seem to know what to do. Told him I reverse to another pump. He insisted I try again. Finally, made him pump the petrol and I will pay cash. Shit.. he didn't pump it all the way to full. Now I have to stop again to put in that little bit more before returning.

Drove on... holy cow.. we end up on Penang Bridge and its jalan sehaleh all the way. Started to panic. Barely 45 minutes to reach airport to check in. Have been trying to find a way up the bridge for the past 2 days and failed and here we here up there when we don't want to! Can't seem to find a way to u-turn until the end. Have to stop to ask for directions and than kena pay toll. Which was fine but we still have to drive the 8km back to Georgetown and find the airport.

Less than 45 minutes to go before the plane takes off and we are nowhere near the airport. It's a mad mad rush as we sped through the roads desperately looking for directions to the airport.

Somehow, we managed to end up at the airport with less than 20 minutes to go. Screeched to a stop at the departure hall, 2 of the girls ran out with the passport, the other 2 unload the luggage and I drove off to return the car. Just like in the movie!

Made it by the skin of our teeth. The check in had already closed but thankfully, it was a man there and probably impressed by the sight of 2 ladies running towards him, he reopened the counter and they managed to check in.

It was also smooth sailing at the Avis counter. The girl did not insist on a visual inspection of the car, told me it's okay if the petrol tank is not full.. I suppose they have my blank charge slip after all. Gave her our rambutans and banana which we had planned to eat while waiting for the plane.

Managed to board the plane with 15 minutes to go. Back at JB, it was plain sailing until we alight at custom. Couldn't find my tickets for the bus for the continuing journey and in the end had to pay again. This time made sure put the new tickets in my pocket. Can you believe it.. at Singapore side, the tickets go missing again. What the &*($!

Anyway, it was a good experience. The whole trip. I enjoyed the experience of driving around in a foreign place, trying out the nice food. The race was so so. Didn't really like the way it was organised (which means I won't be back). And I enjoyed being the thorn among the roses!

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  1. we have a very smooth driving trip. time we travel together...:)