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Sunday, July 15, 2007


3 days of rest. Could feel the onset of a flu on Thursday. Normally couldn't let something as small as let stop me but with so many sudden death nowadays, have to be a bit more kiasu and kiasi. Ran a slow run on Thursday evening, rest on Friday and Saturday and on Sunday was tempted to go for a run but in the end decided to rest another day. Ended up with some strength conditioning and even than, broke it into 2 sessions.

Why so kiasu? Quite sure I don't have any heart abnormalities (that I'm sure cos that could have been pick up during NS). The other major cause of sudden death is heart attack due to high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol both of which fortunately I also don't have. So I guess must be getting old. And the other thing, while I may not have all those diseases, not sure whether I have any blocked blood vessels. That is quite possible since I love to eat fatty food especially braised pork knuckles.

I guess just don't want to be another headline breaking news - not for the wrong reasons anyway.

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