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Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour de Farce

This one not on running.

The Tour de France has turned into the Tour de Farce. One could imagine that after the controversy over Lance Armstrong’s drug test, the cyclists (who I imagine are all professional) will know what to do (or rather what not to do).

Instead it has been one scandalous news after another:

First to be bump off was German Patrick Sinkewitz who failed a drug test. This was followed by Alexandra Vinokourov (banned blood transfusion). Then Cristian Moreni of Italy failed a doping test and now there is the biggest one of all Dane Michael Rasmussen. Ironically, he didn’t get bump off for failing any test. He got kicked off for telling ‘lies’ after he refused to submit to any tests post tournament.

It’s so sad. I am not a big fan of cycling and don’t indulge in the sports but have always admired Lance Armstrong when he came back from cancer to win the Tour 7 times. So the Tour was special for this reason. Now it’s a bladdy farce and a disgrace to the sporting fraternity.

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