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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Washing Machine Ate My Socks

I have 4 pairs of Wright socks, 2 Ultimax, 2 Thorlos and 1 Injinji.

The &(#^%$) of a washing machine decides the Injinji taste the nicest and ate it. Now my poor injinji has lost its twin. Anybody got a single Injinji to spare?

One of life's great mystery:

- Why does washing machine only eats socks - not handkerchief, not underwear?
- What happens to the remains of the socks after the washing machine finished with it? What goes in must go out right?

Some insight to the mystery of the (*&%$ washing machine here

Hmmm it's seems like I not alone. There must be a conspiracy somewhere - maybe socks manufacturers and washing machine makers are banding together ...

Conrad's Column - hey maybe the wife did it!
George Johnson on Science Science gets into the mystery

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