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Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Balance Real Run 2007

Yeah! I got a PB! Ha ha this being my first 15km race, any type of timing will still be a PB.

To avoid a repeat of last year whereby I had to watch the runners ran by after being stuck in traffic, went to the new race site at the new Changi Aerospace Exhibition area early at 6.45pm after picking up M's uncle and M's friend from Bedok and Ayin from Pasir Ris.

At the request of a new friend from Malaysia, collected the bibs and chip for 4 Kenyan runners who for some unknown reasons were unable to enter into Singapore last evening. What a pity. Wasted a chance to befriend new friends and the race lost out on some excitement!

President Nathan flagged off the 10km race first. We were awed by the number of people and to think that the majority of the runners are doing the 15km. I timed the last 10km runner to cross the start line at a good 5 minutes after the flag off. So Ayin and me, we did the kiasu thing and climbed over the barricade to land ourselves just 5 metres from the start. Ha ha.

I had already decided that for this race, I just wanted to enjoy myself and use it as a sort of pace setting run. So I set a target to finish at 1:30 - not faster and not slower which means a 6 minutes pace throughout.

The first 2 km from the start was a straight and fairly wide route and for most part of it I was running beside Vincent (Brokie's husband). Ayin had of course disappeared into the crowd immediately after the flag off. We ran almost together for the first 5km covering it in a time of 28:54 slightly faster than what I wanted. But no worries the sand part will take care of that. Just after the 10 km u-turn, saw the first lot of 15km runner coming back on the road. Managed to spot TLR, Brokie and Kayano on the other side. After the u-turn, since I was still feeling good, decided to pick up the speed a little. This time saw Sotong and Roonz on the other side. However, didn't managed to see M or the other ladies.

10km was completed in 55:48. By than I had lost Vincent who I think had moved on ahead. Picked up a new target - a spunky little lady in black top and shorts and followed her all the way to the beach. Slow down fairly much at the beach stretch as I didn't want to slip and fall. Therefore this stretch comprising part of the park, the sand and part of the road was the slowest at 7:01. Said hi to Kayano outside the toilet at the Changi Ferry Terminal. My pace lady had gone ahead to the junction by than and I gave chase. Turning back into the runway, since it was only about 2.3km and with a 'invitingly' long stretch in front, decided to do a crazy thing and chiong to the finish. It was actually quite fun passing all the other runners most of whom were walking and wilting from the direct sunlight. Touch down at 1:24:59, 5 minutes faster than target but what the hell, I enjoyed the race very much. M came back around 1:37 or 1:38.

Other than the Passion Run, this is probably one of the best organised races I ever took part in (except the course wasn't so exciting unlike Sentosa where there are slopes etc). The distance markers were clearly displayed, there was plenty of drinks (both 100+ amd water), marshals were every where and a nice straight finish for those who want to have a nice strong finish. To cap it all, a nice cool exhibition hall to collect the goodie bag (which had no queue!).

Now die lah - promised myself not going to take part next year since got no cert (at least the website said so), no medal and in so ulu place but I enjoyed myself so much I think will have to break my promise and come back again next year.


  1. Me too.
    Wasn't thinking abt doing NBRR next year.
    But the good experience make us yearn for more. =)

  2. i wasn't even thinking of doing it this year...dragged myself to the race and enjoyed it so much that i think i'll do it again next year!

  3. huh enjoy meh? did the trial i so shag nothing to see de, so boring! At least sentosa still got hunks and babes, changi onli aeroplanes. Finishing off is one straight road but so hot~~ :s

  4. Running sucks, just like your blog title suggests. Give it up, take up hiking and mountaineering instead and listen to all that glorious praise coming from your joints.

  5. Hi Anonymous: Yah thinking of giving it up. Looking for companion to go hiking/climbing. You game? But then hor.. got to change blog title to 'Climbing/Hiking/Mountaineering Sucks' - quite a mouthful....

  6. Yeah tru, but you won't ever burn out on hiking and climbing so all you would have to change it to is "Hiking Rules". Cool blog methinks.

    I am sure most people only keep running due to addiction. I hear so many that literally hate it yet keep on going. That's textbook addiction.

  7. Sure you won't burn out on hiking and climbing but can drop dead from a fall or get crush to death by falling branches.

    Does most people keep running due to addiction? Interesting point though. Some thing to ponder over

  8. My experience seems to be that most are addicted, the ones who run for years and years I'm talking about. They "have" to get up and go for their run. I hear them complain about it, how much they hurt, how bad their knees are. They creak and groan when they get out of bed in the morning. But they just keep on at it. I can't see that being anything besides addiction, especially when they acknowledge that they hate the way running makes them feel once the dndorphins wear off.

    As for those potential hiking injuries. Granted, they may happen, but you aren't actively putting yourself into places to get hurt like that. With running you are every single pounding step you take.

  9. i believe there are hiking and climbing addictions.....there are also hikers and climbers with knee injuries.......btw, running is definitely the most valueable sports u will cherish when u got chase by a mad dog