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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Run Safely - Run Longer

On the way home saw this guy running. Nothing remarkable except that he was running on the road. Simei St 3 is not exactly a very busy road but at 7 + in the evening, traffic can be quite heavy and he was wearing all black or is it dark blue. He was running on the road itself (there is a wide pavement along the stretch of the road) against the traffic and than he stopped when there was a gap in the traffic and proceeded to cross the road. What he did next absolutely flipped me up! The traffic on the other side was too heavy and I think he didn’t want to wait too long – so he proceeded to run in the middle of the road sandwiched between vehicles moving in both directions!

What’s going to happen if a vehicle goes too near him and sidewind him which can cause him to fall onto the path of an oncoming or in his case vehicles from any side! It is idiotic runners like him that give all runners a bad name. I don’t like to curse anyone but I seriously couldn’t care less if he kills himself in the process but I will pity the poor motorist who might accidentally run over him should he falls!

To all runners reading this – please:
Never wear dark attire when running in the evening
Don’t run on the road unless absolutely necessary and only when other alternatives are not available. Even then, restrict it to only short stretches
Don’t even think of running in the middle of the lane much less in the middle of the road with vehicles zooming past in 2 different directions
Use pedestrian crossings and wait for the traffic to stop before running across. Don’t assume motorist will stop for you (especially at side turning zebra crossings)

Think about it - run safely and live to run longer. Run recklessly.....

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