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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Miracle Healing Products

While in Japan, bought a Phiten sports necklace. Phiten products; so it is claimed is developed using Phild Process Titanium technology incorporating mico-titanium sphere and aqua-titanium and quote "it helps to maintain a person's natural body state in balance which is easily disrupted by today's busy lifestyle. By doing so, enhances your body’s energy level and lessen fatigue. Pain is reduced and flexibility increases" Wore it for the past 2 runs. Did it work?

Also have a Ebene bio-ray knee guard. According to its website, it help to "1. Promotes blood & oxygen circulation around calves, knees & lower thighs
2. Increases energy and supply of nutrients to the knee bones and soft tissues.
3. Relieves knee pain & strengthen the knee bones and soft tissues.
4.With the increased blood & oxygen circulation around your knees & legs,
it does not only increases energy to knees and legs, but also relaxes muscles to increase running speed for sportsmen

Then there is the bio socks bought at a roadside stall at 3 for $10.00.

M also have an Owell magnetic bracelet which is supposed to harness the healing power of the magnetic to promote general well being and which she wears every day.

So do all these products work?

Let's just say I can think of better way to spend my money but then again I don't think it's going to stop me from buying the next miracle product that comes along:)


  1. far my feedback is...if there is nothing wrong, it will not work.....but if got something wrong, it will help......

    if they are too strong that they perform miracles, then....what will happen to this world?

  2. I think Japan has the most number of sun 2:30 marathoners in the world outside Kenya, so the necklace could be their secret :) Would be interested to hear the benefits of the product once you've done more runs...

    Sling Runner

  3. I still think these products are a lot of crap. I can't see how it can work just by wearing it but then again.... Anyway, I think the Japanese are good runners not because they wear the Phitern necklaces but because they are very meticulous in their approach and put their mind and soul and everything else they have into everything they do which make them such a great and powerful nation of inventors, runners etc etc

  4. My wife have knee pain for the past few years. We are in the mid 50's. She have seek treatments from all sorts of practitioners, cost us a bundle but the best outcome is a temporary relieve. Talking about Ebene; she bought that as with many desperately seeking healing for their pain and just like you said knowing it's unlikely to work beforehand isn't going to stop the buying. Ought to claim that money back refund : (

  5. Hi Anonymous:

    Since your Mrs is in the mid 50's, chances are she has osteoarthritis. May be she should consult a doctor.