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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Was turning into the carpark F1 at the ECP this morning. Approaching my car on the East Coast Service Road was a lady cyclist riding against the traffic. She doesn't seem to be slowing down so I decided to stop and let her pass first in case she didn't see my car and crash into it.

And what do I get for this gesture of courtesy? The bitch showed me her finger!

This is not the first time I see inconsiderate or rude cyclist. And I am not talking about those inconsiderate fella using the pavement. Take those cyclists going up MacRitchie viaduct. Instead of using the main road, they go up the viaduct and slowed down the traffic. Worse is, some of them choose to ride parallel and chitchat to each other! And I not even counting how many times I have to move one side to avoid the pack of cyclists riding on Old Upp Thomson Rd to Upp Pierce!

Not trying to put down cyclists but a little bit of courtesy towards runners and other road users won't kill and certainly will go a long way to pacify motorists already irked by having to avoid them.

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